Recently I wrote a post about my squirrel problem.  You can see it here if you want to take a look:  Squirrel!


A quick recap:

We caught squirrels.

We relocated squirrels

Husband happy.

Me, a little bit sad.



Yeah, that’s about it in a nutshell.  Yeah, I had to go there, didn’t I?  Ok, you’re pretty much up to speed except for the relocation details and my view of the squirrels’ thoughts on Bill.

Today I went outside and as I turned back to the house, there he was.  Was he a red squirrel like the others?  I thought so at first but the no…this new creature was a chipmunk.  Oh damn, no!


I have a chipmunk, and not the Alvin kind.  That’s not fair to say really, I didn’t hear him speak.  He might very well be the Alvin kind.  Time will tell….or it might not.  It all depends on how long he’s here.

I looked at him.  He looked at me.  Like using a good shampoo, I repeated this as necessary,  So did he.  It was a woman/chipmunk staredown!  While this went on, many things were going through my mind:

Bill was going to be very unhappy that my birdseed attracted another rodent.

But he’s so cute!

I love my birds and it’s not fair that I can’t feed them without “someone” coming to eat the seed.

His cuteness could not be denied!

I wonder how many chipmunks there are?

I bet they are all cute.

Damn it!  We’re going to have to get the trap out again.

Man, he’s cute!

Could I hide the fact that a chipmunk was sitting on the step like he owned the place?

Because, you know, he’s so freaking cute!


I took a step toward him and he scurried up the lilac bush RIGHT NEXT TO THE BIRDSEED!  That feeder is right outside the kitchen window.  This was going to be trouble.

Even if I decide to “forget” that I saw him, the cats or dogs will probably out him.  They all have highly attuned Squirel-dar, and I imagine that their chipmunk-dar would be just as accurate.

I must refrain from looking out that window.  I can’t arouse suspicion.  But I can’t help myself because of the cuteness and all.

What to do, what to do?  I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll keep you posted!


50 thoughts on “Not a Squirrel!

    1. It’s only a major transgression if I’m found out. You see, Bill had to transport SEVEN squirrels last winter because of my wild bird addiction. I’m not sure if she ends up being Alvin that would help. I can’t see him saying OOOOOOOOK like Alvin does! That Alvin sure is cute…I am so doomed!

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      1. Oooo-Eee-Oooo-Ahh-Ahh-Ting-Tang-Walla-Walla- Bing- Bang! I hear Alvin singing this song in my head!!! Thought…Maybe if you have Gordon Lightfoot playing when Bill arrives home, it will make him a softy!

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  1. We have chipmunks and they don’t eat as much as squirrels. Or at least they don’t knock all the seed out while they’re swinging wildly on the feeder. I love them. But you’re right, husbands DON”T like them. They prefer to eat on the ground. Make food offerings near (but not right in) the tunnel openings. They’re happy to feed lazy.

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    1. Hmmm, interesting that husbands don’t like them in your experience, too. What I really want to know is where you found a husband who likes to eat on the ground. I’m not sure about the tunnel thing, but husbands do like to feed lazy! ;P

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  2. Instead of relocating your rodents of the cute variety, why not squirrel/chipmunk proof your feeder? Then you can still enjoy your little friends, they won’t clean out your whole feeder in an hour, and they will clean up the stuff your bird friends drop on the ground.

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    1. I love that idea, but the red squirrels were tricky little devils. The feeder right outside the kitchen window is not squirrel-proof in any way shape or form. However, I have feeders out back that should be a trifle difficult for them and they weren’t. I don’t know if the chipmunks (see I’ve already multiplied them in my head) will be the same. Those red squirrels could get into a feeder hanging off a wrought iron shepherd’s hook six feet off the ground. Sigh… Hmm, multiplying chipmunks in my head. I wonder if that’s the new math!?


      1. Yeah, you need a smooth plastic cone on the pole (that gets bigger at a reasonably steep angle as it goes up and is long enough that they can’t jump it). As long as there is no nearby tree access it works. A cheap option is affixing a sturdy metal slinky to the bottom of the feeder, when they try to climb up it it will lower them to the ground.

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  3. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t put up any feeders in our yard. I thought about hummingbird feeders but we have so many trees that I think the squirrels and chipmunks will cause the poor things to have a heart attack, not to mention the feral cats that like to leave us gifts at the door…. Can’t wait to see how this develops!

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    1. Hummingbirds are fun. Do you have a lot of bushes or flowers? If so, you won’t need the feeder. Put the feeder up high enough and they probably won’t be bothered. The hummingbird food isn’t like seeds. Good luck hon! I can’t wait to see how yours develops, too.

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  4. I’m sorta laughing even harder because I’m probably an idiot and don’t know why Bill would not want to see squirrels? Will they damage stuff? (I’m seriously asking). I just decided to actually care about my yard and that putting up 4 birdfeeders would let me see all sorts of cool birds but yep…I seem to have also brought a multitude of squirrels into the yard and me too with the giant shepherd’s hooks but the darn squirrels can climb into ANYTHING but then I feel bad and guilty that they are hungry too. Urr! Oh, chipmunks are the cutest!!! I haven’t seen one in like 30 years!!

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    1. I’m not sure about chipmunks, but red squirrels can cause a lot of house damage. They are like rats with bushy tails. They’ll get in your walls, eat your insulation and wiring. Gray squirrels aren’t good either, but not as bad. We had a couple a few years ago that systematically chewed through a wood beam. Yes, they will damage stuff. But I really like that Slinky idea that Erika D. had. Genius!

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        1. When I looked them up it said Western US. I’ve never seen one, though I’ve heard of people called pack rats. I never knew they were a real thing. Thanks for the new bit of knowledge. I love that about blogging. You never know what you’ll learn next!


          1. So true about blogging. I didn’t know they were so cute until I saw one. Little round Mickey ears and a sweet “broom” tail. Destructive little things, though. Nice to meet ya by the way.

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