You all wanted to have an update on my non-squirrel problem.  The good news is that Mr. Chipmunk has not reappeared to my knowledge.  The bad news is that I was almost outed by ME!

Let me just begin by saying that Bill is a Troglodyte when it comes to computers.  This is not news to him.  We’ve always called him “One Button Bill” because he couldn’t operate anything that had more than one button.

One day I was trying to get Bill to do something computer oriented and he got exasperated.  He finally shouted!  Oh, maybe “shouting” is a bit strong.  He finally proclaimed?  Yup, that’s better!  He finally proclaimed: “You know how some people are high tech?  You know how some people are low tech?  I’M NO TECH!!!”  Yeah, it was probably closer to shouting now that I think about it.

Anyhow, I’ve been after Bill for years to start a Facebook account so he could reconnect with old friends and become part of this century.  So tonight he’s looking over my shoulder while I was doing my normal scroll and the stupid chipmunk came up!  I had forgotten that I send my posts to Facebook and Twitter because people kept asking when a new one was coming out.

So there I was, with Bill looking at my wall and seeing Mr. Chipmunk, and do you know what he said?  “Not a Squirrel!? Oh I’ve read that post, keep going!”  How could he look a chipmunk right in front of him and not realize it?  It took everything I had not to laugh. He thought it was the original squirrel post.  He’s still sitting over there doing something else and I want to snicker sooo badly.  I will admit that I have turned my head away from him a few times so that I could indulge in a big ol’ smirk!

There may be no more updates if little Chippy was only a transient ‘munk.  But if anything else happens, I’ll keep you all up to speed!



28 thoughts on “Not a Squirrel! Update

  1. Lol Bill and my boss would get along so well!! My boss also has a flip phone and when we were on a business trip, he was like how do I turn my phone off? Cause it’s required on an airplane. So I showed him how to do it and he was like how’d you do that?? I was like this is thrower button right here… Haha thanks for the update!

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    1. That is sweet! Bill had his flip phone for about five years before he learned how to text. Texting on a flip phone is hard. He’s now a texting fool, but refuses to get a smartphone to make it easier. I figure by 2025 he’ll be poking around on one of my discarded laptops. Sigh.. Hey, can I use that as a reason to get a new MacBook?

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      1. Bruno’s flip phone died and his wife was like YAY I can get him a smartphone but he was adamant and ended up getting a new flip phone haha. I agree, texting on a flip phone is so hard! I think that’s a very good reason to use!!!

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        1. yeah, I tried, it didn’t work. He made it sound like he ENJOYED punching those keys multiple times for a single character. He would like to take photos, but after that whole resetting his phone fiasco and losing his contacts, he doesn’t dare do anything except text and talk. I started to type a two paragraph comment here and decided that it was way too long. Then I decided it would make a good post. Houston (no, she doesn’t have a problem) down there wrote an iPod manual and you have your boss. Yup, I think there is post-fodder here.

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          1. Hahaha yes!!! Definite post fodder and I can’t wait! Bruno doesn’t even text so Bill has him beat! It’s calls only or nothing at all which is funny cause he complains about the tiny buttons when making a phone call but he can’t figure out how to hang up on a smart phone lol

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            1. I’m sitting here on the couch laughing my head off with Bill sitting next to me. He looks at me expecting a comment on what I find so funny. I just laugh harder! He gives me an exasperated look and goes back to reading his newspaper. Yes, a real newspaper. The depth of his anti-techness knows no bounds.

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              1. Lol!!! Oh Bill! Since we’ve move into our house we get newspapers in the driveway all the time and I immediately recycle them or save them for a painting project. I’m so glad he brings so much laughter into your world 🙂


  2. Too funny! You know we could write a crazy post about this stuff. I’m just picturing the screenshots and arrows, Houston. By the way, I’m Linda and I hate calling you Houston if you’d like me to call you something else. If you want to be called Houston, that’s just fine. But don’t ask me to call you Dallas cause I already know someone named that and he lives in…Dallas. Ok, truth time. I don’t really know him, but he was the boyfriend of a friend and well…er…just don’t ask me to call you Dallas cause it would be weird. Unlike this comment which is completely normal.


    1. Alison, you made me laugh because I think you are right about Facebook and husbands. He wouldn’t even email before and now he’s finding people he hasn’t talked to in decades. I might not have his attention, but he’ll sit right next to me, at least! Too funny!

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