I had a request for a snippet so here we go…

Walter, is my crazy Great Dane puppy.  I know, you’ve heard about him many times before, and there will be more in the future.  He’s THAT crazy!

Anyhow, Walter has a tendency to be rather immodest.  He will often sit in such a way to show off his manly dog parts.  When he does this, I will say “Put your penis away!”  One day my friend Wendy was over and suddenly Walter decided to expose himself.  When I said, “Put your penis away!”  Wendy chuckled.  We both practically died laughing when we heard my husband from the other end of the house say “Yes, dear.”


34 thoughts on “Put It Away!!!!

      1. rsrsrs! I’m feeling all smart because I learned what rs meant yesterday from my friend Renata in Brazil. She also educated me on the use of kkkkk. I’m feeling very Portuguesey today in a hahaha kinda way.


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