Recently I was eating shortbread.  I love shortbread and when I was in the store, I was quite taken with mini shortbread cookies in the form of Scotties.  Being the dog lover I am, I had to have them.  However, when I sat down to munch, something occurred to me.  I tended to eat the heads first and then the rest.  Hmm, should I do that, or eat the tails first, or crush the whole thing at once like a trash compactor?  It was a conundrum.

All of this brings us to my true question.  Easter is over, but I want to know whether you eat chocolate bunnies ears first or tail first.  I’ve always gone for the ears myself, and I guess that is in line with my current Scottie head-chomping situation.

I asked around and most people were ear-people and ate the heads first, but one friend told me he liked to eat the bunny butt first.  When he told me that I was speechless.  I am never speechless.  I mean, this was just wrong on so many levels!  First, oh hell there is no “first” that I can type here!  Like I said:!!!

What really shocked me was that I had a friend who was a bunny-butt muncher.  What did that say about me?  We’re still friends, but I look at him differently now.  Why couldn’t he just be a rabbit decapitator like the rest of the world?


34 thoughts on “Scottie Heads and Bunny Butts

  1. Oh god, I’m never looking at animal shaped foods the same again. Whenever I do I’m going to think of this post and wonder if it would be better to eat the head or butt first. Hahahaha!

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  2. Your “friend” is likely a crazed lunatic who will probably try to break into your house next Easter and rip the yellow bodies off the Peeps, not load the candy into the Pez dispenser prior to eating them all in minutes anyway and then you know what happens next!!!!!!

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  3. I don’t know when I last ate a chocolate bunny, surely I was still a child. Sorry to disappoint, but I started at the butt. I enjoyed the bunny’s face — so cute. Rarely made it to the head, truly.

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  4. lol
    I never sought there was some kind of social rule to eat easter bunny chocolates…
    I usually smahe it to pieces and eat the ones I can grab first… Is this too much out of the ordinary???

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