Recently I wrote a post maligning winter-loving people.  I know now that I was wrong to do that and I should write something positive to help balance out my negativity.  I apologize for making it sound like I wanted to harm and/or kill those who love the cold.  I was obviously in the wrong.

In the spirit of positivity, let me tell you all the things I LIKE about heat-loving people!  These people are awesome!  Mostly because I’m one of them; they are my people!  Summer is the best time of all because we can do fabulous things in the sun.  I love the sun!  I am a sun worshipper.  The sun melts the snow.  Therefore, the sun is beyond cool…literally.

First off, let’s talk hammocks.  Hammocks are one of the greatest achievements of the human race.  They make this very satisfying noise as you sway in them.  You can hang out in them, read a book in them and fall asleep in them. Those are three of my favorite things and I think many heat-loving people would agree.  Hammocks rule!

Another great thing about summer is what we can wear…or not wear!  No coats!  No socks!  No boots!  My wardrobe in the summer consists of a pair of pants and t-shirt with a Hawaiian shirt open in the front.  It’s my uniform.  You’ll find me barefoot unless I am in one of those “No shirt, no shoes, no service” kind of places.  I hate those kinds of places…they are discriminatory against barefooters like me!  I like to show a little heel and my toes should be free.  That’s it, I’m going to start a demonstration and shout “Little piggies want to go to market unimprisoned!”  How far do you think that would get me?  Ok, I digress.

Another thing that’s great about the warm weather is cold drinks.  Now it is possible to enjoy a cold drink during the winter but it just doesn’t taste as good then as it does when it’s balmy out.  A tall glass with ice cubes tinkling seductively announcing the presence of your favorite libation is something that is hard to beat.

There are so many things that summer lovers enjoy, it’s hard to list even a fraction of them so I’ll close with one of my all-time favorites…riding in a convertible.  You feel the sun on your face and the sound of wind whipping through your hair and all is right with the world.  If you look up, the clouds or stars or both are easily viewed unimpeded.  Don’t do this if you are driving as it could be deleterious to your subsequent summer fun!  We wouldn’t want you to be in traction until winter. Those winter-lovers would laugh and we couldn’t have that!  Sigh…there I go again with the negativity.

Let me conclude with yet another apology to those winter lovers out there.  I was wrong spewing my hatred toward your ranks.  I was wrong to verbalize my wish to murder those of your kind.

My mother always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to say nothing at all.  So to all of you cold-lovers, I promise I will now have a moment of silence so I can reflect on my hotheaded ways.




42 thoughts on “My Heat-felt Apology

  1. I love hanging by the beach at night during summer. I kind of like the in-between…70s is perfect for me. I die when it’s 90-100…I just can’t even hike when it’s that hot. 😂

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          1. We sure do! By the way, you are a VERY bad influence on me. I just ordered Ernst from the UK. Now I’m importing the damned things! All your fault…ALL of it! ;P But, I suppose I won’t give you too much of a hard time since I’m having so much fun. We need plot lines, girl! Email me when you have time to play…

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  2. Can I just point out… The advantage with the cold is you can always put more clothes on, the problem with heat is you can’t go further than being naked even when you are still hot…. Just sayin’ #coldloversfightback 😜 (it’s drastic when I need to use hashtags)…..

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    1. Ok, like I told Mr. Mel, I’ll trade my 40 below zero (C or F, your choice) temps with you. Sound good? We pay for our summer paradise here. And I’ll bet you pay for your nice winters. So I’ll just be here by the pool in Australia sweating a bit while you’re up here dressed like the Michelin man. #sorryIhadtogothere ;P

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  3. Hahahaha! I’m not a cold-lover at all! I use to be a sun worshiper but like my skin they way it is now. However, I so love being outdoors with the sun beaming a great breeze blowing while lying in the hammock with a cold beverage!

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    1. Pffft, go jump in a lake and then no one will notice you melting! You do realize that the only reason I let you live is because you amuse me. Oh geez, my cold vs heat convictions are cracking. See what you do to me? Next thing you know, you’ll be trying to tell me Macs are better than PCs…oh wait…damn!


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