I am putting out a call for everyone’s favorite portmanteaus.  These are words that have been created by melding two other words together.  Let me give you a few examples:

Smog = Smoke + Fog

Blog = Web + Log

Brunch = Breakfast + Lunch

One of my mother’s favorites:  Fantabulous = Fantastic + Fabulous

One of Bill’s coworkers came up with:  Gription = Grip + Traction

My personal favorite, because it’s such fun to say:  Spork = Spoon + Fork

I want to hear your favorites.  If you make them up, that’s all the better!  Let’s have some fun with words!


54 thoughts on “Portmanteaus

  1. Oh oh! Ginormous! Gigantic + enormous! I use that one a lot. I nominated you for versatile blogger award just in case you didn’t get the tag link 🙂

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    1. In Brazilian Portuguese, my mother tongue, my favorite one is: Beijato – beijo + ato. Beijo = Kiss. Ato = protest. It is therefore a protest in which people don’t carry signs, but they kiss each other. I know of one that happened at a school where I used to teach, in which LGBT students were being reprimanded for demonstrating affection in public during breaks, whereas nothing happened to the heterosexual students.

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      1. The first part of that is cool! Kissing protest! Sounds lovely. The second part not so cool. If you’re going to reprimand one group of people, you need to reprimand them all.

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          1. Right?! Can you imagine protesting something you don’t agree with by kissing the leader? They would be so speechless they wouldn’t even remember why they were angry in the first place, haha

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  2. In English one of my favorites is Pinterest, an amazing website where you can have lots of different collections. Pinterest – pin + interest. I loved finding out how these hybrid words are called in English. It’s a funny word. Haha

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  3. Sleeting. We use it where I come from. It’s for when you’re sleepy or half asleep, but keep snacking because it’s too good. For example when watching a movie. Sleep eating. 😀

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      1. Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that as well. Well I don’t vome from a country where english is the main language. It’s over second language. But as the world moves forward, the english language has been integrated a lot in our daily language. 🙂

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          1. It does mean that also. But we have another word for that in our language. It’s kinda funny if you hear us and 1/3 of all the sentences will be english or english based words. You would get the wrong impression of our conversation. But it is great that the world has become more universal though sleet probably doesn’t have any participation in that. 😛

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  4. Haha I use sport and fantabulous all the time, so much fun.
    Thank you again for the nomination , I hope I have paid you homage in my response and more people will discover your blog. There is a need in the world for amazing people such as yourself. Thank you 😉

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      1. Close, but it is bananas and toffee. Usually made into a dessert pie with a biscuit crumb base and whipped cream. I thought it was American but maybe not!

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