I just want to remind you just how lucky you are.

All winter I have refrained from complaining about the cold, snow, ice, and general winter ickiness.  That whole refraining thing stops now.  I just watched the local weather forecast.  I just saw a snow map.  That’s right, a SNOW map.  Depending on what model you look at, we could have 2 or 3 inches…or 8.  EIGHT!   AS MUCH AS EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW!  EIGHT!  It’s time to get your mother a snowsuit for Mother’s Day!

They say this forecast is subject to change, and that had better happen.  My guess is that we’ll have an inch or two, and it will melt quickly.  That might be so, but I can’t help but grouse at least a little bit.  I really want to grouse a lot, but I was outside today trying to get some weeds out of my raised beds and I was barefoot.  I was barefoot, and I was happy.  I know I’ll be happy again but if this storm brings 8″ of the white stuff, prepare yourselves.  Because if that happens, there will be more complaining than you’ve ever heard before, and your luck will have run out.

23 thoughts on “EIGHT!

  1. Our weather’s suppposed to deteriorated over the weekend too, dropping from around 66F to around 50F and changing from dry and sunny to dry with sunny spells 🙂

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Of course, up until lockdown we had continuous rain. Ever since we’ve it’s been glorious, but there’s no doubt the rain will return when the restrictions end.

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  2. My in laws are from Maine. This Mother’s Day, my Mother In law told us about building snow men on her past mother’s days 😂 You are a hardy lot up there 😉

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  3. We went from summer on saturday( little dip in the water too fir me and the girls in front of a horrified traveling husband) to winter the following day. Heating was back on all last week even if only fir an hour🤷🏻‍♀️

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