Being housebound, I have had time to think of all sorts of ridiculous, unimportant, and trivial things.   Therefore, it’s not surprising that I’ve been remembering idioms I never would have guessed would be so apt.  All of these have crossed my mind at one point or another in the last two months:


You’re going nowhere

All dressed up with nowhere to go

Getting nowhere fast

In the middle of nowhere

Nowhere to be found

Out  of nowhere

Nowhere to be seen


In order to alleviate the tedium brought on by our current situation, we’ve been going for rides just to get out of the house.  Those Sunday afternoon rides of yore are now Monday through Saturday rides, too. Of course, when we go, we have no goal in mind because we can’t stop anywhere or see anyone.  It never fails that when we head out on one of these jaunts I envision David Byrne running in place.  I love Talking Heads, really I do, but it’s perturbing that every time we leave the house I have this song in my head.  EVERY.DAMNED.TIME.




15 thoughts on “Road To Nowhere

  1. Day #42 for us. I’m going a bit stir crazy. I think this week we shall go for a drive. Even if it’s just a quick stop at Taco Bell drive thru to have lunch in the parking lot. 🙂 If this sh** would just be over with then I (we all) could relax a bit and maybe I could get my desire to write back. I’m just a MESS. Give Walter a hug for me. 😀

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    1. How do they know you aren’t out for food? We are allowed to drive if the people in the car are from the same household. We just aren’t to go anywhere non-essential. How have you been doing with all of this down there?


  2. I thought of similar earlier. As I like reading history, I’m kinda faced a lot (very lot) of situations in human history where people start thinking of no where and that this might be the end of the world. But… here we are.
    Thanks i’m having wonderful people in my life (like you) to talk too or i’ll get crazy too hehehe


    1. Oh my goodness, I would think that you would know that feeling even more than the rest of us. Leaving Syria must have felt that way on a grand scale. I love talking to you, too. But I’m afraid I’m crazy all the same. Hugs, my friend.

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