So similar!


2690 (2013_02_23 22_24_41 UTC) (1)




2690 (2013_02_23 22_24_41 UTC)


44 thoughts on “Black & White vs. Color Challenge

    1. Haha, there were four of them. Baby skunks are the cutest. I didn’t get sprayed because I didn’t bother them. Actually, I put cat food out for them till they struck out on their own. I never did meet Mama Skunk. Skunks are very cool creatures.

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  1. It’s so striking how the skunk remains black and white in the color version. And now I wish this challenge was called “sarcastic and obnoxious things you can say at an art museum.”

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  2. oh no! I have had a close up encounter with one of this dudes cousins-black, white or color, not a critter I want to encounter again! I was the huge looser in that relationship 🙂

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    1. They are docile if you remain calm and give them food. Years ago I had one that visited me so I could feed it peanuts. During certain months of the year, it visited me because I had food and also wanted to be petted. We are always scared because we know it can be defensive, but if we act calmly, it won’t be on the defense. And now I miss my skunky in Ithaca, NY, who came to visit me for three years. They’re gentle creatures and have defense mechanism, but if you show them you have some yummy food, they are happy to see you and don’t spray a thing.

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      1. Our husky got loose and took off running when I was a kid, I am not a large person so when I jumped on his back to slow him down, it did not work! He ran right into the woods and scared a skunk. Both the dog and I slunk back home and smelled funky for two days!! Do not scare the skunk! That was my take away from that day 🙂

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