I give you a staple of the Maine woods…the skidder (pronounced skiddah around here.)  This is used to drag trees out of the woods.  This one was parked in front of our barn a few years ago while we were having a few truckloads of trees cut out back.


IMG_0023 (2013_02_23 22_24_41 UTC)


IMG_0023 (2013_02_23 22_24_41 UTC) (1)

25 thoughts on “Black & White vs. Color Challenge 12/4

    1. Mel, I knew it! I can’t believe you didn’t freak out about the children playing/graveyard pic from a few days ago. I love that you think my surroundings are creepy. Now I want to find some really creepy stuff to photograph!

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    1. By the way, thanks for the card! Snow and all! It’s not every day that my kitchen table is covered in microplastic snow! I had one of those moments of I hate her/ I love her/I hate her/ I love her. But then you knew I would! 😉 😘 😠 😘 😠

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