Today is one of the most celebrated holidays in America.  The Superbowl is on tonight!  For some people, this day eclipses most other holidays put together with the possible exception of Christmas.  If baseball is “America’s Pastime” then football is America’s insanity.  There are people out there who paint themselves in the colors of “their” team.  Parties featuring chips and beer are held in homes and bars everywhere.  Fans will do the strangest things because they think it will bring their team good luck.  There are endless superstitions associated with the game.

In some cities, there is a very real fear that water supplies will not be able to handle all of the simultaneous flushes that happen during timeouts and half-time.  Football mania is very real and it peaks today.

I am not a sports fan.  I am happy for those around me when “our” teams win.  The Boston Red Sox held some interest for a while as their losing streak was measured in decades, but they finally won a World Series.  The Boston Bruins barely click the needle for me.  The Boston Celtics are fine, as basketball teams go.  All of these teams are followed closely by many of my friends and family, but the New England Patriots football team is at the top of the list for most.

The Pats have won consistently for many years in large part because of their quarterback Tom Brady.  He is a god in these parts, or as they say  “GOAT.”  Greatest of All Time.  This is pretty much the extent of my football knowledge till I decided to read a few of the football rules so I wouldn’t be totally in the dark when the game started tonight.  You see, in previous years I watched mostly for the commercials.  Companies trot out their finest commercials for the Superbowl because the audience so large.  Staggeringly large.

If you want to know what I found out in the rulebook you’ll have to read the next post.  I broke this up into two pieces so those who wanted to endure enjoy my musings wouldn’t fall asleep by the end of the post.  There is still a very real possibility that you will drift off.  You have been warned.  Penalties pending.  Stay tuned for what I have learned and why I have more questions now than I had before I started.

15 thoughts on “American Football: The Musings Of A Non-Fan

      1. It was good. I loved all the twinkling mirrors.
        But in the same way I was making random and irrelevant commentary during the game, my family was making randomized irrelevant commentary during halftime. 😑
        My favorite song was Can’t Stop the Feeling.

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        1. That was great and I actually teared up when the lights of Minneapolis turned purple in the shape of Prince’s symbol. I wasn’t sure how Timberlake would do with a Prince tribute in addition to his stuff, but he was great.

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