Hold Your Horses!

I often talk about small-town life here in Cornville.  Well, I just had a bit of excitement.  Walter started barking at the window he mans (dogs?) when Fed Ex or UPS is bringing a package.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what might be coming so I took a look.  Sure enough, someone was in our driveway…a riderless, saddleless horse!  It looked like the one in the image above.

My living room windows look out onto horse pasture so seeing a horse is a common thing, but seeing one on this side of the fence was pretty unusual.  This was only the second time in 30 years that I’d ever seen a horse escape and it was the first time that I remember having a horse in my driveway!

I ran to the phone and called the neighbor who I figured must be one horse shy.  No response.  That was either a really good thing because they were actively after the horse, or a really bad thing because they might not be home.  What to do?

I grabbed some shoes and out the door I flew.  By this time the horse was down the road a bit and cars were stopped in both directions.  We may be in the country, but we live on a very busy road.   Not good!

My plan was to grab my outside extension cord and go after the thing.  No, I do not know how to lasso a horse, but I figured if the horse was friendly it might come to me and then I could get the cord around its neck.

Thankfully, when I got nearer I found my neighbors out there.  The horse wasn’t haltered yet, but at least it was headed home.  Whew!  I was just typing an email to friend saying that things were pretty boring around here lately.  I guess I’d better watch what I type!


Image taken from The Horse Channel website