I am finally within a day of posts… whoo hoo! I think that means it is time to celebrate. To unwind and relax a little. And what better way to relax with a nice night of fishing, bug catching, watering flowers and talking to the neighbors. Many of you will not understand that last line, […]

via Mumbles … Equivocate — Leigha Robbins

3 thoughts on “Mumbles … Equivocate — Leigha Robbins

  1. Leigha, you have no idea how much fun I’ve had playing Animal Crossing with you. I hope we find more players now that you’ve done this post. After all, it was after a quirky comment in one of my posts that we realized we shared our love of the game. And now, I’m loading up with two fishing rods because there be sharks out there and my pocket is empty!


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