You might remember that I got my garden in recently.   If not, you can review my progress here:  Blood, Bug Guts, and Cow Manure

It was with great satisfaction that I put that last plant in.  Such anticipation!

But this morning the garden was a devastating sight.  The plants were black and wilted.  The garden is dead.  At least most of it is.  It just doesn’t seem fair that a few days ago it was 90F, but this morning we had frost.  A June 1st frost!  That is insane, even for Maine!

So now it’s time to find some replacement plants and try again.  I’m going to wait a few days, though.  We’re supposed to have frost again tonight.  My father would have been furious with Mother Nature if this happened to him.  I have to admit, I’m not too happy with her, either.


20 thoughts on “The Garden Is Dead, Long Live The Garden!

  1. Mother Nature is all over the board this year. Im so sorry that your garden was frosted. I spent an hour covering everything in hopes that everything would make it. She better be over her frosty mood swing. Big hugs and love from Esme and I 💫💗

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  2. Oh no that’s shit!

    Once a lady from Maine, fingers green
    So she thought, nicest bedding you’ve seen
    Though the frost caught her out
    She is now, without doubt
    The plant murdering, blood stained face Queen

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    1. I did the big replant today. Weird enough, the frost hit just as my beans and zuke seeds were showing their first little leaves and they were ok! I ended up with far superior plants this time around so it’s all good in the end…till the weeds take over. My new mantra “I will weed daily, I will weed daily…”

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    1. It’s all good, really. I ended up getting my second round of plants at a different nursery and they are far superior to the previous batch. Here’s to happy accidents! I hope all is well in your world. I know we really should be in Montreal about now, but we shall see each other again!


  3. If it is frosting in June, maybe it will be a mild summer. I vote for 75 to 80 degrees with low humidity … if only it were that easy. Sorry about your garden, you WILL rebound and replant and have the best veggies in town!

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