I know I haven’t been here much of late, but I do want to check in with my friends to see wow everyone is doing.  This horrible virus is shutting everything down here, and I would bet it’s the same for most people.

We are dong fine here.  Stocked up and ready if we are told to stay in our houses.  I’ve heard some cities in the US have already done that.

I would feel sooo much better if I heard from my WordPress friends to know things are ok.  Just put a short comment below to put my mind at ease.

I’m keeping Walter at home because we can’t find a mask in his size!

40 thoughts on “Please Check In…I Worry!

  1. Still doing okay here in Dallas, though it is mostly a ghost town, now. Unfortunately, the nature of my work precludes me from working at home at the moment. Fortunately, there aren’t very many people at work … or anywhere, really.

    Stay safe!

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    1. I’ve been thinking about you, especially since your Dad is older. Be well my friend, and stay in when you can. We are staying put here. Thank goodness I always keep a stock of toilet paper, too! And everyone always makes fun of us for being stocked up…not now!

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  2. My dear Linda, so kind but not surprising, of you to make a welfare check. Schools are closed but hearts are opened , shelves are empty but hearts are full. To is in the worst of times you see the best of humanity. 🐲❤️🌹🐉❤️🌹🐲❤️🌹🐉❤️🌹🐲❤️🌹🐉❤️🌹🐲❤️🌹

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  3. All is well in Western Maine. Working from home. Husband is staying home but will return to work as needed. We are marked safe…so far.

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  4. Up to 44 cases in the state, None in my county but 5 where my daughter lives. I am just trying not to go crazy with worry. It WILL pass and there are more survivors than victims. You and your family stay safe!

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    1. I hope your daughter remains fine. It must be so scary for you both to have it so close. We haven’t had it in our county, yet. But, it is a county adjacent to ours. Stay well and thanks for checking in! ❤️

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          1. I will visit as soon as I get my copy… some silly thing about medical supplies taking shipping priority or something. Seriously, my shipment was delayed, but through the tracking number it says it will be delivered tomorrow.

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      1. Glad you are still safe. England is bad but we are safe. No need to shop for at least a few days yet. Susan’s sister is sick but not in hospital. 7 deaths our area so far. As you can imagine – I am coping fine. Susan is on the edge of a freakout though, so I’m on eggshells….

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        1. Susan’s sister is ill with COVID-19? I so hope she recovers. I also hope Susan avoids a freakout…although if she were to have one, no one would blame her during this situation. Sending a hug across the pond…that seems like way too much social distancing, if you ask me.

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