My guess is that you think being healthy means getting to your goal weigh.  Am I right?  How many times have you done that and then regained it all and realized you were no better off than you were before?  Or worse!

I was always a fat kid.  I always thought I was a failure because I could never keep the weight off.  I told myself it must be genetic.  Believe it or not, I recently had my DNA done, and I really do have a genetic disposition toward weight gain!  I was also on an epilepsy drug that made me gain 50 pounds in six months!  “There!  See!? It’s my DNA and the drugs.  It’s not my fault!!!”

I could have given myself those very valid excuses to justify being overweight. I could refute the words of my neurologist:  “You just have to eat less.”  I had proof that I couldn’t help being fat and unhealthy.  I had excuses but I was miserable…and I was mad!  I was mad at that neurologist who didn’t understand, and I was mad at myself for thinking I had no control.

So I thought I’d go on another diet.  I’d get my weight down.  I’d be happy again. Thinking that my weight and happiness went hand in hand made me realize that this struggle is about more than just what my scale told me each morning.  This is about becoming and sustaining the ‘me’ I want to be. I know I’m not the only who feels this way, and that’s why I started this group.

So what do you think?  Are you ready to be part of a fun group where you can help others with the same struggles you share?  Are you looking for some support as you head toward a healthier life?  If so, then I am thrilled to invite you to be part of a brand new Facebook group called…

Weigh to be Healthy!


If you would like to meet the two other wonderful women who helped get this thing off the ground, here are links to their blogs.  I could never have done this without them. 

Deb at Being Aunt Debbie

Lisa at Lismore Paper


All of us have different ideas on how we want to become healthy, and that makes for great discussions.  We’d love to hear yours.  Our tag line sums it up beautifully.  We are “a support group for the health of it.”  Let’s do this together.  Let’s figure out a Weigh to be Healthy!


24 thoughts on “Weigh To Be Healthy! Support Group

  1. “When I am x weight, I will be happy.”

    You should be happy in the NOW, not happy when it happens. Weight loss is a journey so enjoy that rather than focusing on the destination. We shouldn’t be miserable on a diet (if you are miserable, change the diet to something you’ll want to stick to). I think this support system is a fantastic idea because it holds people accountable. That’s huge in terms of sticking to plans and crushing goals. Too bad I don’t use Facebook anymore….

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    1. Thank you so much, Hilary! We would love to have you. You know…you could just stop by our group and turn everything else off in Facebook. Yes, that’s it! We’ll give you a fake name and a new identity. Incognito Hilary would be almost as awesome as the real one!

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      1. Hahaha that’s a good idea! I quit for other reasons though. I don’t even use FB messenger because I couldn’t escape the problems I had with FB. It also meant quitting Candy Crush which was the hardest sacrifice. 😂🤣

        P.S. Incognito Hilary has a nice ring to it!

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