I’m in a slump.  I see posts here all of the time about a writer’s block, but my slump is different.  I’m in a “lifestyle change” slump. Yeah, no one diets anymore, they do the lifestyle change thing.  It makes perfect sense.  If you go on a diet and get to your goal weight, then great!  Woohoo!  But then if you go back to your old habits, you will gain it all back…and then some.  Sound familiar?

So here I am in the process of lifestyle-changing spectacularly (I wish) and I’ve hit a slump.  I’m on a plateau.  I’m at a standstill.  I ain’t goin’ nowhere, baby!  You know what I mean, and some of you have probably experienced it.  It’s you lot I am aiming this post at.

If you are svelte and have never had to count calories in your life, you can just stop reading right here while we rounder people all sit back and hate you.  “Hate” is a strong word.  Perhaps we could just resentfully envy your metabolism and love of exercise or whatever it is that has allowed you to maintain a perfect weight for your height.  You know, I could be at a perfect weight for my height if I was approximately 12 feet tall.  Maybe it’s my height I need to work on.  Is there a lifestyle change that will help me increase my height?  I thought not.

Since I can’t seem to grow another six feet, I figure it would be nice to get together with other people who are too short for their weight.  I can’t be the only one who needs to drop a few pounds…or a ginormous number of pounds like I do.  So if you want to become part of a cheerleading/grumble session, just give me a holler at mainepaperpusher@yahoo.com  I was going to type ‘cheerleading bitch session’ but it brought back to many memories of high school, and no one wants that.

I’m not sure of the best way to do this, but there has to be a way that we can get together in a chat room, separate blog, or somewhere else to share our tales of victory and struggle.  There are oodles of places to do this sort of thing but I want to do this sort of thing with my friends rather than perfect strangers.  ‘Perfect’ people need not apply. 😉

If anyone is interested and wants to be part of a group who will be supportive, listen to lamentations, and generally just be there for the rest of us, please get in touch.  I promise I’ll return the favor and I’m sure everyone else will, too.  I figure I can’t be the only one with a wonky height to weight ratio.  Round people unite!

Linda aka mainepaperpusher



22 thoughts on “Why Weight?

  1. Ah, I wish you much luck. I know a little bit of the pain. I’m short and compact, so nothing every fits right and I’m always considered higher than what the scales say I should be for my height. I blame working out. Definitely not complaining or saying it’s the same, but I understand the ‘I’m not the right weight’ issues. I waffle up/down in a ten-pound range but never seem to get rid of them permanently and always look squat.

    But… I am here to support you however I can. Figuring out where it comes from… health, eating, exercising… somewhere we can figure it out and bitch along the way! I’m here to listen and apply the stretching machine to add those 6 inches of height.

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  2. I’ve often lamented that WP doesn’t have a chatroom feature built into it so that our community could have a “real time” aspect to it. There could be standing chatrooms an specific topics that are always here, and then there could be spontaneous, ad hoc chatrooms that people could create on the fly for specific topics or even just an impromptu get together. (Are you listening WP?)

    Good luck on your lifestyle goals! I am pulling for you!

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    1. Thanks! Yes, there used to be such a thing called IRC. It still exists but on a much smaller scale. I still have a ‘channel’ there but it’s kept open for a few Norwegians and a bot from Ireland. I haven’t been there in weeks because it’s so dead now. Facebook has a group feature and that might be the way we’ll have to go if there is any interest. We’ll see, it could be that I’m the only rotund person out there who wants to work on such things.

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      1. One thing I have learned in my life: There is always someone out there who has the same or similar goals, interests, or issues as someone else. That to me is the beauty of the internet: it allows those people to find each other. Don’t give up!


  3. You know I’m game! Do you want to do a Facebook group? I can help you with admin duties if you want. I had thought of doing that a while back but there was a snag I’d rather not say here. I’ve been a bit depressed lately because my pain level goes up and my weight follows suit. I’ve gained all the weight I lost and it ticks me off. I’m pissed at myself and I’m pissed at doctors and I’m pissed because healthy foods are so damn expensive. Ugh. Anyway, always here to help! 😉 ❤

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    1. Deb, that sounds great! I’d love to have your help in setting up a Facebook group. From what I’ve heard, that’s probably the way to go. I’m sorry to hear that your pain has increased so much. I can’t even imagine. I hope this endeavor will help. Healthy food is really expensive, but cheaper than a doctor’s visit! I keep telling myself that as I’m eating my fresh veggies. 🙂 Stay strong, woman! ❤️


  4. The doctors are stressing exercise and weight loss for me too. Maybe a group would be enough support to hold me to it. I see my fibro doctor this week and I am going to ask about water therapy again. Count me in!

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      1. So, a friend of mine just suddenly died on Saturday. She was my age… lower side of 40’s…. and I believe that there are no coincidences. I’m recommitting to my health for myself & my family. I can’t even imagine what her husband and two kids are going through.

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  5. I am in. My husband just did a lifestyle change for the better. Mainly, less carbs. His lab results are much better. I am proud of him, and want to change, but it is hard when I am picky about food, He gave me a taste of his green smoothie “yuck”. Let me know about the Facebook group.

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