I can see Uranus

I think you know I have a childish and somewhat inappropriate sense of humour. I don’t hide it and in fact I am rather fond of it, so you will not be surprised to know that my recent camping adventures have developed a most fantastically inappropriate twist which I am certain you will love too – even if you don’t admit it.

I didn’t come up with – it was something I saw on Amazon’s ‘Grand Tour’ but do know it will stick with me for the rest of my days.

So what is it you ask? Well quite simple really. You know how caravans have fantastically inspirational names, well you put ‘Anal’ in front of them and then giggle like a twelve year old until your wife shouts at you for being so childish. Not that 12 year olds have wives. Well not unless youre american. But I digress…

Check out the photos below and if you don’t manage a chuckle then you’re dead inside! I for one am a big fan on the ‘Anal Hobby’. You may however be a little more of a classical basic humour sort of person and prefer the ‘Anal Breeze’ or perhaps the ever popular ‘Anal ambassador’.

Let me know your favourite…



13 thoughts on “Guest in Jest Special Edition!

  1. I’m not American! So, I confess I didn’t get the “anal” thing about the names! hehehe Honestly though, I love caravans since I was kid. They used to sell ice cream!
    My daughter, since watched (RV – Robin William), is nagging over my head: “Dad, let’s buy a RV and live in it!”.

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  2. Haha. Brilliant. I misread “Senator” as “Survivor”, which I think is my favourite (in a mind boggling kind of a way), but “anal hobby” gives it a good run for its money.

    Just watched a documentary on Uranus, in which presenter, Brian Cox, had to say “Uranus has a ring”. I wonder how many takes that took before he did it without sniggering!

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  3. Lol, brilliant I had to pass it to the traveling husband to read as I’m asking fir a caravan holidays fir year and for the same years he is categorically refusing………now I think I lost all the hopes😂😂😂😂

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