I suppose it was just a matter of time.

I really thought I was smarter than this, but I guess not.

I fell for an internet spammer.


I got an email from my aunt.  It said she was traveling and needed to send an iTunes card to our niece.  She asked me if I would do it and she would pay me back.  Sure!  She’s in her mid-80’s and I was happy to help out while she was on the road.

Here’s the sad part.  Apple actually called me to make sure it was a legitimate transaction.  In my mind, of course it was!  My aunt actually was traveling and the person she wanted to send it to had my niece’s name.  Her email address looked a little odd, but I hadn’t been in touch with her for a while, so I never thought a thing about it.

So be careful if you get an email from a relative or friend giving information that is up to date, and appears legit.  Hackers know everything about everyone.  It’s rather disconcerting to learn that they know when someone is actually traveling and a family member’s name.

I keep slapping my forehead and saying:  “stupid, Stupid, STUPID!”

18 thoughts on “stupid, Stupid, STUPID!

  1. Oh, wow. That would be a most difficult scam to figure out. Totally unlike the idiots that called me off and on for months and months telling me that “my computer was leaking” and that I “needed to send them money to fix this right away!” I always said to them, “Do you really think I’m that stupid?” One time, I asked them, “What exactly is my computer leaking?” They hung up. Lol. I hope your aunt’s home is secured and that you didn’t get duped out of much money. Or were you able to stop the transaction? Some people, huh?
    PS You’re not stupid!

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  2. They are getting more and more clever all the time! Our son had his computer hacked and both his credit cards were compromised! Fortunately, the card companies were on top of it, right away. Very important because Ryan was out in the desert for a month, climbing and training, he never would have caught it on his own.

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  3. I played a game with someone for a couple weeks, we chatted awhile then all the sudden he needed an Itunes card for his work and he couldn’t get out to get it. $200 he wanted. Told him no money and he hasn’t talked to me since. They are EVERYWHERE! So sorry you got scammed!

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