This week’s  “Guest in Jest” guest is  3C Style


I confess, sometimes I look at people in the subway and I try to imagine their life. I know I’m weird like that. I also do a funny thing with photos. I make up dialogues with whatever or whoever is in the shot. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is the funniest scene. Let me show you an example. Here are two pics that I saw a while ago and I immediately linked them together.

Same chit-chat or gossip, different chicks…


Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.56.05 AM

Hens on the Farm 

I really don’t care what kind of hat she’s wearing. It’s not even Easter! And why can’t she just fit in like the rest of us? Who is she trying to impress? She acts like her eggs are too good for the farmer. Ever since Dominique styled an outfit with her in mind she’s acting as if she is a Super Star! You don’t see the bees acting like that. And you know she actually didn’t grow those fluffy feathers on her head – they are fake. They have to be! Nobody else’s feathers grow like th… Oooh wait, here she comes —hiiiiiiii, Flo! Wow, you look good today!


Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.55.10 AM.png

Fashionistas in Copenhagen

You would think that fashionistas always dressed appropriately, right? Well, in real life many are willing to risk frost bite wearing short sleeves and no socks even if it’s 10 degrees. That explains why the weather is one of the main topic of conversation during Fashion week. If you’re more of an introvert and don’t enjoy small talk that much, the street style crowd provides some great eavesdropping… Or you can just imagine what they are talking about, which ever you prefer.

—I’m telling you, if you want to get snapped by Phil Oh you’ll have to show more skin dear —or, have yourself a tattoo. And don’t forget, always hold something in your hand such as a cup of coffee, your iPhone… A cool bag alone won’t get you that shot.

—Euh, there’s a car that wants us to get out of the way. He honked at us —totally not fashionable…

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