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Pets become part of the family, don’t they? They’re like our kids, especially when it comes to keeping them on a tight leash… metaphorically speaking, of course. I don’t actually put kids on leashes (only because it’s against the law). Still, I think it’s a stellar idea. Kids out in public need to be controlled at all times. Just think about when you’re in a restaurant, the parents letting their kids run around like it’s a friggin’ playground while you’re just trying to do your job as a goddamn waitress and the little fuckers almost trip you up as you try balance a tray full of drinks!


Just like when dogs are out in public, they need to be controlled at all times too. No, I don’t have kids or dogs, I have cats, and yes, I can almost hear the squawk of an argument coming out of your…

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4 thoughts on “Unleashed!

  1. You know, as the owner of a Great Dane, I live on the other end of the leash. Everyone wants to come up and pat him. EVERY stinking ONE! Yes, he’s big. How much does he weigh? 150 pounds. No, I don’t put a saddle on him. Yes, he can be dangerous… ONLY IF he’s provoked. Do you really want a dangerous, 150 pound, potential saddle-wearing dog bare his teeth at you just because you think it’s cute to thrust your hand in his face hoping he’ll lick you? Fucking idiots. When I go to the vet’s office these days I am more apt to be giving humans the “stay” command than I am to my own dog. He’s always on a leash, as he should be. And he behaves himself just fine if he’s not being pestered. I agree with you on every single thing you say above…every single one. I’d just like to add that there are a hell of a lot of adult humans who should be taught a bit of obedience, too. The tricky part is finding someone rational enough to hold their leashes.

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