Please join us tomorrow…


This week’s  “Guest in Jest” guest is:  Afterwards


Don’t forget, we are looking for jokes as well as humorous posts!!!


Now it is time for my shameless begging.  

Join us in our Guest of Jest series


Please submit your guest posts to and they will be published in order of submission every Friday here at Everyone Else Has the Best Titles


Here are the rules:

Give us some info about your blog.  Make sure to add a link to it.

Write up something amusing.  It doesn’t have to be “laugh out loud” funny, but a bit of humor would be great.

Pictures optional, but encouraged.

The post can be one that has been posted before.

Multiple submissions are encouraged!

The piece can be anything that is humorous.  A story, a recollection, even something as simple as a joke.


C’mon, you know you want to!  Why should we have all the fun?


7 thoughts on “Guest in Jest and Weekly Request #88

    1. You know, I was thinking about you just yesterday. For some reason, I was trying to think of a very mundane picture that would scare you. Oh wait… 😉 But seriously, there was some scene that reminded me of your fear of rural life. I should have taken the shot! If only I could remember what it was. Hell, I’m lucky I remember that I thought about it. Hugs and love, my friend!


      1. I’m trying to get myself together to come back to blog/read regularly. I’m always happy to see you, always.

        Was it a shed? A field with high grass? Or an icy lake with frosted surroundings, isolated and someone stole my jacket and shoes and there is a serial killer who likes short brunettes for breakfast and then some?


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