I know.  I’ve been prattling on about this garage-building thing for a while now.  You’ve endured pictures of cement mixers and Typar-covered walls.  It will be weird to live without the carpenter’s trailer and a porta-potty next to my driveway.  Walter will have to adjust to a quiet workman-free existence.  We’ve had a lot going on around here, but now, it is done!!!  I promise I won’t talk about it anymore.  Even in this post.  I’ll just leave those of you who have been curious with a few pics and captions.


The final product featuring Steve Dionne, the man who made it all happen.



The cars’ first night in their new home.



A couple of pics of my new mudroom!


Woohoo!!!  It’s done!!


27 thoughts on “It’s Done, and I Couldn’t Be Happier!!

    1. Haha, those shelf brackets were put in at the very end. Steve had found some rather generic brackets figuring that being inside a closet, it wouldn’t be an issue, but it kept bugging me. I knew I had a crate of wrought iron brackets and when I presented them to him he thought they were pretty fancy for a closet. Haha, I told him even if I was the only one who saw them, it was worth the change. And it was! I love them, too.

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    1. If you like that window, then you’d love the three on the facing wall. Haha! I love light. I have that very same color in a number of spots in my house. My Mom loved green and I like this particular sort of 50’s shade. It’s called “Slow Green.” The name always makes me laugh. I’m glad I’ve got the 3C Style stamp of approval! ❤️

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        1. Oh, 9″ isn’t all that much here. It just started snowing again and we’ll probably get another 4 or 5 inches. Living in Maine is great…in the summer! And you are right. Spring can’t come fast enough. 🙂 ❤️


    1. I’m so happy you approve! Don’t those transom windows just make the building? When we were designing it, that was my big request. The rest of the house is a hovel but at least the garage and mudroom are nice!


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