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He is the man our dog thinks he is.


Courage has come a long way. This is certainly the case with Cal. You see, he is more of a cat person than a dog person and of all the dogs that have been fortunate enough to be a part of our family and extended family, few are considered with anything more than a pat on the head or, on special occasions, a bone. That is the extent of his involvement in the Social Order of the Paw. However, Courage has been ever vigilant and has officially risen up into the ranks of the elite and has certainly shown us how special he really is. Not only that, he reminds me more often than once a day that my Cal, the love of my life, is truly the man our dog thinks he is.

This came to mind one lazy Saturday afternoon after a long day of working and even a bit of yard work, Cal had decided to curl up on the couch, put in a movie and possibly take a nap. I was busy writing, and it was just a perfect afternoon to do a whole lot of nothing. In human terms, this is a perfect way to end the week and relax. In Courage terms however, it was time to go to work. You see, this was the perfect time for him to focus on chipping away at that tough exterior that makes Cal the man I fell in love with. Tough on the outside, he really has a good heart. He is a loving husband and attentive father and definitely the dots to my I’s and the crosses to my T’s.  Ah, but I digress…

Courage takes it upon himself to sit near the corner of the couch and inch his way up to Cal as he lay dozing on the couch. Once he is certain that Cal is snoozing comfortably, he scoots up until the boop part of his nose is about six inches from Cal’s face. Courage looks at this man like he is the being that created the universe. He simply sits there and gazes lovingly at Cal all the while Cal is sleeping. My husband was probably dreaming about football or some other manly thing that husbands dream about. It was as if Courage was saying to him, “I right here. I watch yoo mmkay? Cuz I lub you hooman!”  (I hope that read well, I tried to make it sound… like Courage.) Now, Cal doesn’t take too well to any living creature in his bubble while he is sleeping, so I had to get up and pull Courage back to explain.

I had to do that more than once. Eventually, I just gave up and Courage went to about the middle of the couch and laid his face on the edge of the cushion and watched over his human. You always see those pet memes where the prayer is “Dear God, please let me be the human my dog thinks I am.” Watching our Courage watch over the love of my life, I understand the look. I can confidently assure our Courage that Cal is, indeed the man Courage thinks he is. His eyes announce that Cal is simply amazing.

To take it a step further, also know that Courage has been working his magic with Cal even while Cal is awake. He will go and sit right next to Cal as if to just be close to him. Nearly every day if not, multiple times a day, Courage will do this. At first, Cal didn’t pay him much attention or would pat Courage on the head and that was about it. More recently, he may get a pat on the head and a belly rub or a pat on the side. Cal will even talk to him and Courage looks at him with those big, loving eyes. They say that you will know the perfect dog when you see them and that is how people tend to choose their fur babies. But you know, sometimes, I think they pick you. In the official scheme of things, Courage is my dog. However, I think that Courage has chosen Cal as his human.  Sometimes I find myself looking at Cal with that same awestruck look. Yeah, he is the man my dog thinks he is.

Now, excuse me while I go sit next to Courage so we can watch him sleep. I don’t know how I will explain it if we wake him up or he opens his eyes and there we are, but oh well. Cal knows we are all a little silly anyway.

What do YOU think?


Micaa Miles is a wife, mother, author, and work at home professional. She keeps her life in line and stays on track with the help of #TeamSnoopervisor. She often writes about her family and life with a sideways view of the human condition. More recently the four legged members of the family have been in the limelight and have a lot of projects coming in the future. One such project is the recently released “Courage Cares: A kids guide to dog care, from a dogs perspective” where Courage, a Chihuahua mix lets kids know what it takes to be a good pet person. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million.  Earlier works found on Amazon are “WAH Professionals” about the work at home lifestyle and “Parade of Purple Monkeys” with extended stories of some of her most beloved blog posts. (Proceeds from Parade go to Lung Cancer research.)


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