This week’s  “Guest in Jest” guest is:  The Closet Sessions


The Zoological Wards

Have you ever been to a zoo? The Delhi Zoological Park is a pretty great place, lots of greenery, majestic colorful animals, kids playing around and their parents running after them so that they don’t enter a tiger’s chamber (or secretly wish they do). Except for summers, when the animals totally refuse to come out of their sheds, the Zoo is a lovely idea for a picnic.

If you don’t like to walk around too much but still want to know more about the animal kingdom, go visit a hospital! There’s not much difference, to be honest. I’m convinced beyond doubt that the various specialities take inspiration from a certain species that’s their spirit animal. Don’t believe me? Read on.

1. Surgeons: The King Of The Jungle

Surgeons are lions. A symbol of strength, power, pounce, precision and ferocity. They have a certain eliteness about them, or they like to think they do. Don’t ever hurt a lion’s pride if you want to survive in a jungle.

2. Physicians: The Mighty Wise Grey

I love elephants! They are intelligent, wise, loyal, civil and usually kind until provoked. Sweet herbivores who don’t believe in ripping apart live humans. Peace out, everyone.

3. Gynecologists & Obstetricians: Who’s laughing now?

Hyenas, of course. Why, you ask? Because they have a loud, shrill voice. They usually hunt at night and if you’ve ever been in a labour room: you know 90% kids want to come into the big bad world at night (I’ve no idea why). Hyenas are a natural rival of the Lions (Attention Surgeons) and they don’t give up until they get their reward (the baby needs to come out, by hook or by crook).

4. Pediatricians: Ah Ah! Ooh ooh!

They are primates walking on two feet. If you’d seen my Pediatrics HOD (sorry Sir, forgive me. Although I know you’re not reading this, meh) around kids, you’d know what I’m talking of. Pediatricians make all sorts of weird faces and imitate whichever animal they can, just to get the kid’s attention and stop him from crying. A sight, I tell you. And even their stethoscopes look like this :-

5. Anesthesiologists: Zzzz…

Pandas… They sleep, they eat (thankfully not in the Operation Theatre, though you can never tell) and they are friendly harmless creatures. An endangered species (highest suicides rates amongst doctors are of Anesthesiologists), in need of a bear hug.

If you want to visit this zoo, let me know. I’ll be your personal tour guide and give you all the insider info. 😉

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