Second take on this one.  Apparently, the photo just didn’t show up.  Let’s hope it does this time around!


Prompt:  “Quick and Dirty.”


This one is from Darren at The Arty Plantsman


One word and a photograph.
Want to be a Quick and QWERTY guest?

Here are the rules…in bullet points, because that’s quicker to read:

  • I post an idiom as a prompt …when I have time.
  • You write a humorous post, in 25 words or less…when you have time.
  • Any style is acceptable…all of the time.
  • Send post to me at …as time allows.
  • I publish each post here as they come in…when I have time.
  • We all read whatever posts we have time to read.
  • No time limits, no pressure, just a random idiom prompt, and a 25-word limit.


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