This week’s  “Guest in Jest” guest is:  3C Style


The most embarrassing situation occurred when I was 18 years old.

To the beach…
I’m there with a friend and her brother. The sky is blue and we are relaxing on the sand. Someone hands us a brochure and offers us to try water skiing. Why not? There are too many people on the beach anyway. We decided to flip a coin to determine who will be first. It’s me. What luck! My new little bikini brings me good luck, no doubt.

My friend and her brother are settling into the boat while I am getting ready for my initiation to water skiing. Despite my many attempts to get out of the water, I cannot stay on the surface for long. The boat does not seem to be starting fast enough or it’s slowing
down too fast. After fifteen attempts, I succeed and proudly look at my friends. They both laughed like hyenas. I thought they were making fun of me because I was not very good, but still I was hoping for a little more encouragement. Until I realized the reason for their laughter: I was no longer wearing the bottom of my bikini. I was water skiing buttocks in the air! I immediately dropped into the water and never did water skiing again. Today, when I think about it I find it funny, but on the spot I was a little embarrassed to the idea that the brother of my friend had seen much more than my buttocks.

Note: Fortunately, this happened in the 80s. At the time, cell phones did not exist. If I decide to go water skiing ever again, I don’t need to be reminded to wear a one-piece swimsuit! But when you do water activities, there are even more serious dangers that can happen… As this picture below

Dom scuba pic


22 thoughts on “Guest in Jest #77 3C Style

  1. 😂 The important part is that you did, indeed, get up on those skis!!
    Remember my drone story, where I was naked? When we returned to Tucson, one of the neighbors posted that they are looking for their lost drone 😳 Who knows where my naked, running image is today😂😂😂😂 At least your partial nudity was not recorded!

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