I asked a friend if she had a nice Christmas and she replied:  “It was.  Got a new toilet seat for my ice shack.”   After I stopped laughing, my mind went back years ago when I was a kid and tagged along with my Dad when he went ice fishing.



Ice shack on Ironbound Pond


As you can see above, an ice shack is a little building just about big enough to house a couple of chairs and a cooler.  You drag it out on a frozen lake on runners, just like a big sled.  Traditionally, ice shacks are used for ice fishing, where a hole is drilled in the ice and traps are set.  When the little flag goes up on the trap, the fishermen know they have a fish on the line that needs to be hauled up through the hole.

Now there are those who say that ice fishing is nothing more than an excuse for a couple of buddies to get together, sit beside a hole in the ice, and drink beer.  That could be true for some, but serious ice fishermen are there for the fish.



Folded ice traps in a pack basket


As a child, I spent many, many hours on frozen Maine lakes in howling wind as I  wondered what part of me would get frostbite first.   In spite of that, I’d watch those traps like a hawk, just waiting for a flag to go up.  We didn’t have the luxury of an ice shack back then.  And you’d better believe we didn’t have one with a toilet seat, either!


What was the most unique present you either gave or received this holiday season?



Photos courtesy of Debb Quimby Heald, one of the finest nature photographers I know.



37 thoughts on “You Got What!?

  1. There are some pretty fancy ice snacks out on the lakes these days. You certainly don’t freeze to death anymore. I bought my mom a chicken feeder this year to decorate with succulents 😊 Anything unique under your tree? Merry Christmas! Lots of hugs!!

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  2. Either it’s a very big ice shack or your friend ice fishes while sitting on the toilet! I think further intrepid journalistic investigation is required here. Merry Christmas.

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  3. That is soooo cool. Literally probably.

    My mum remind me every Christmas that one year and brother and I were given money to buy her a present and we spent it on garbage and we’re left with only a small amount for the present and we ended up buying her a green shower curtain for Christmas. Some things people never get over do they even 40 years later

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  4. My sister gifted me a concrete guinea pig with wings. It reminded her of a pet I’d had when we were kids. Though my pet didn’t have wings I’m pretty sure. We were all laughing at that. Lol. My favorite I gave this year was gifting my husband 5# s of cheddar cheese. He really does like his cheese. Lol. Hope you and your crew had a nice holiday!

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  5. Merry Christmas my wonderful friend!! I have missed you so very much but have been super busy. I am enjoying being an owner of an antique store!! Yes, it is time consuming but rewarding at the same time. I’m already thinking of decorating for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Spring!! I love you Linda (Penny) and hope you are well and have a blessed New Year!! xoxoxo


    1. I think you should be! But then you have mudslides and earthquakes and wildfires. I always feel sorry for Californians during the many disasters. I hope you have never been in the midst of one.


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