This week’s  “Guest in Jest” guest is:

The Arty Plantsman


A subtle message from my wife?

(For the record, I am a straight, bearded, gym-going man from a faded industrial town the North of England (Britain’s version of the US ‘Rust Belt’, only we have proper rust because it rains all the time). Where I grew up, any male who eschewed soccer and lager was regarded as dangerously radical. Women were for leering at until you snared one into doing your housework for you.)

Given the above environment, and the lack of positive female role models in my childhood, I have a perhaps surprising outlook:

My closest friends are women. This has always been the case and always will be. I have never been on a stag night but have been the only man on a hen night, twice. I love the ladies in my life for their humour, warmth, emotional intelligence, strength and just being downright amazing people.

Recently, admittedly, the feminine influence in my life has grown further. I started wearing Puravida bracelets (gift from a female friend), I was first man in line for a Henna tattoo at the work Diwali event and I spend more time at the spa than my wife does.

On my blog last year I speculated about having my nails painted and complained about the limited colour choices in men’s clothing. I am still seriously thinking about the nails thing.

I accept that the botanical art I am involved in has historically been a female pursuit too.

Then recently my very conservative Harley-riding, cigar-smoking, power-tool obsessed neighbour did a double-take on seeing me posing for photographs in my garden in a feather boa. Partly this was deliberate on my part – I like winding him up.

However, I am still in possession of male genitalia and libido. They may be underutilised but are still present and functional, honest.


To the point of my tale:

My (blue) electric toothbrush died last week. My wife bought me a new one.

It is pink.

Yes. Pink.

It might be that there were only pink ones left in the shop. I have not dared ask – I might not like the answer..


36 thoughts on “Guest in Jest #76 The Arty Plantsman

  1. We would not have you any other way! We love you endlessly. I laugh every time I think about your neighbor and the Halloween story 😂😂😂 I think the fact that you will gladly use a pink spinbrush tells me how strong of a man you really are. Much love and hugs!

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  2. 😂😂😂
    First of all, i don’t believe in pink for girls and blue for boys. Any colour is for everyone. To tell you the truth my toothbrush is blue!

    I guess that you have more female friends than man is because there are more women involved in the blogging world than men. And for tye kind of work you do, i think it is more attractive to women than to men.

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    1. Agree about the colour thing.

      I admit to not really encouraging male friendships to be honest. I do not really like or trust most men. A weird kind of reverse sexism I know.

      But you are also right that my subject matter, both in art and photography (and maybe writing too) tends to be of more interest to women than men.

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  3. What a funny post! Lisa is right. Only strong men wear pink. Back to the 18th Century, men wore pink clothing that had floral embroideries. It was very masculine at the time. Later, clothing companies introduced gender-specific clothes so parents could no longer hand down a baby girl’s piece to a baby boy and vice versa. Looks like the stigma came out of corporate greed. But there is also an evolutionary aspect of why women are attracted to pink. Back in the day, men were hunters while women gathered – so picking red fruit from green leafy areas was women’s specialty. And that connects to their love for pink. Today pink items such as toothbrush and razor usually cost more than comparable ones made in blue for men. There should be no intrinsic price difference but women seem to be willing to pay more for a pink version. Oh and by the way, you would look great in a pink shirt Darren. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you Dominique💕.

      I had no idea that clothing companies invented the red & blue thing out of such greedy motives! It makes perfect sense though. As does the hunter-gatherer explanation.

      I am up for the pink shirt so you must take me shopping!

      Hugs to you too. x

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      1. I am not an expert on the question. I simply reported what I read on the subject. Lisa and I will have great fun shopping with you on your next visit to Montreal. I look forward to doing that! Merry Christmas. xoxo

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  4. Darren, any man who would think about having his nails painted, wear a feather boa for a WP post, and wear bracelets is a man who is very comfortable in his masculinity. Your Harley-loving, cigar-smoking neighbor, however, obviously isn’t comfortable in his if he’s looking at you askance. Enjoy your toothbrush in good health! Hugs! 🤗

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    1. Well I look at that neighbour, and the one across the road who just bought a Harley too. And the guy on the other side with his monster truck. All trying to prove something to each other. There is only one way to settle it. Viagra and a ruler. Probably only needs a short ruler at that.

      There is an image to take you into the evening…

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  5. As always, I’m left chuckling. I’m also giggling because I got my SO something pink for his stocking, but only because it was the ONLY color left. I’m waiting to hear his thoughts on Christmas morning. 🙂 It sounds like you gave your neighbor a chuckle, and who doesn’t want a good laugh now and then? 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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  6. This post made me laugh but also warmed my hearth as it reflects you at perfection….and if it is of any consolation I’m using a blue toothbrush and my husband a pink one at the moment that he picked himself 💁🏻‍♀️

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      1. Rules are all silly aren’t they?welll…..nearly all😂
        Oh my that was a pretty senseless comment🙄may be it’s still too early for me😬anyway happy Sunday dear and happy Christmas ❤️🎄

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  7. Ha, ha, how fun that you got to “wind” your neighbor up with your pink boa!! I remember wearing tight mini-skirts to church when younger just to do the same to the old ladies there…seems we share the same “evil” sense of humor, lol!! Merry Christmas!!

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  8. That’s not pink, that’s magenta. 😉

    Ah well, y’know… we all get to live life the way we get to live life. No judgements here!

    Have a happy Christmas, Darren, and a good 2019.

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