This week’s  “Guest in Jest” guest is: Fiction in My Head

Hello my lovelies! I am so grateful to Linda for allowing me to participate in this series.  It is great fun and a great way to support friends.  I’m getting a little emotional.  But that is my nostalgic head.  To begin, Linda asks that we tell something about our blog.  I’m going to be shameless and tell you, I have three blogs.  LOL!  I don’t know what has possessed me to manage three blogs but somehow, I got the bright idea to sort out my work according to Fiction/prose, Poetry and finally, if I’m thinking stuff or want to boss people around I have a blog for that.  LOL!  Anyway, if you like, you can find out more here. There you’ll find out more about my blog, the breathe sighs, my theme song and those other blogs I thought were a good idea.  LOL!


I started Fiction In My Head last year.  I wrote this novel and I thought this blog would be a good idea to promote it.  It was, until I started writing other stuff and then I just kept going and then going and well… There were these hundred days that turned into chaos and fun and dreams and sleepiness because I barely slept during those days. (Who am I kidding!  I barely sleep now.)  I tried a post a day of music and reflection or random stuff.  I like music. (That’s an understatement.)  Much like this here post, I was all over the place.  I was always sleepy and it led to some weird posts but also I like this a great deal because one of my favorite characters from my head, (I know you like him too. *wink*) Charlie, makes an appearance.  (Pssst… he has a nook on Fiction.  Go check it out!)

Also… I love Linda.  She makes me smile all the time. (*smiles big and wipes the brown off nose*)  No… all jests aside. Isn’t she wonderful!  Yes she is!  Without further ramblings from this fiction head, here is one of my favorite posts from those days.

From Days of Reflection and Music: Day 83, December 12, 2017

Sleepy Times and…

I can’t remember when I started having trouble with sleep. I mean… I can’t. It has become a nightmare and a blessing. Blessing… this is not. Trying to externalize the internal and it’s not happening. I’m… no. What heck is this? What blowing hiss! This forking lack of sleep in the middle of sleep. See that? I’m not cursing anymore. LOL. Anyway… this business of sleepy time without the sleep? Sure. It’s quiet now. There is no one needing me, no eyes looking at me to… What? Why you staring at me like that! Anyway… this road is long and sometimes very weakening, this lack of sleep. But do I really need it? I seem to do okay without some sleep now and a day. Okay isn’t good, is it? I’m not even going to worry about how this thing I’m writing sounds. I never do.  LOL.  I mean these days… what’s with the days. I think I’ve skipped some. I know I have. You know I have, unless… ah! Fork it! Spoon it even! Spork full of sugar makes the medicine go down… the wrong way. Ah that Mary Poppins. Don’t you just love that Mary! Breathe sigh. You know the first time I saw her, I wanted to be her. She was magical and it didn’t look like she needed any sleep. I mean… always peppy and full of herself and dreamy. Oh… actually, that WAS Julie Andrews. I love Julie Andrews. The sound of her music… glorious. I loved that Cinderella story line. So much enchanting, that. That what? Nothing… just that. Another favorite one was when she went and fell in love in Victor Victoria. That was great fun to watch. I love Julie Andrews. What the fork is happening here? The lack sleepy I feel stems from two things. Love and poetry. The love I feel exploding in me and the poetry that is my life right now. (*wink*) Sweet! I know. My girls make me happy. I love their smiles and sleepy eyes in the morning. I love watching them try to wake up for school. It’s like… fairyland and all the possibilities of a dream come true. It’s embedded in them. Breathe sigh this!  Why don’t you! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get falled.

So, what do you say to that! Nothin… you need to get more sleep yo! Trying! You don’t think I’m trying?

Fork you and that and everything else!! You’re nuts if you think you can fool me into this. I know what you are! I’m sleepy y’all but I can’t sleep. I wake up refreshed in the middle of my sleep. Forking sleep!!!!!!

Ah!  Fork it! Sleep is for mere mortals. Those mortals that can’t handle incoherent thoughts that just make it to impossible this. Oh… Hi!

“Hi Mel.”

“Charlie! It’s so good to see you!”

“Good to see you too sexy. Umm… why don’t you stand up and come with me.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Umm… nothing. You’re dreaming me up this way so… meh… I went with it even though I rejected you and wore these jeans.  I like this power I have to overwrite you.”

“You look good… in jeans.”

“Yeah… you’re drunk.”

“I don’t drink.”

“You’re drunk with sleep.”

“Oh… you’re good.”

(He’s so cute. He makes me all dreamy like molasses and… oh my!)

“Sorry girl. Ugh… you’re kind of heavy. Molasses? Cute. Have to get you to bed where you belong.”

“You’re so strong?”

“Ha! You’re funny. You’re asking me?”

“You’re carrying me.”

“Yep… what is going on here? Where’s your bed?”

“That one.”

“Oh… right.”

“You love me Charlie?”

“Yeah. I love you a lot girl.”

“What about Rachel?”

“Umm… stuff is happening that you’re writing. But you’re my one true love.”

“Oh… I’m writing it?”

“Shush… you’re very tired. I can tell. I had to come tuck you in.”

(Breathe sigh and all the wonderful dreams. He’s perfect.)

“Well… you make me perfect in every way. Wait! Damn! I’m Mary Poppins!”


“Yes… that’s why you don’t exist but only in my dreams.”

“Wow… that kind of hurt because… never mind. Sleep Mel.”

(I’m fading… he’s fading… Charlie…)

“I’m here. Sleep. I’ll always be here.”

© 2017 Mel Gutiér



Breathe sigh this song!  (*wink*)

Love y’all!

Thank you so much for reading and for listening.



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Preview YouTube video RHODES – Sleep Is a Rose

RHODES – Sleep Is a Rose


10 thoughts on “Guest in Jest #65 Fiction in My Head

  1. Who the heck twisted your arm to post this! Lol!

    Love you soooo much! Thank you so much for having me on. You have no idea how much it means to me to have a foot print on here. I’m so honored!

    Hugs my, lovely! Hope you are well! 😚😘

    I think this gives me cool status now! 😎

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Babycakes, you were cool long before this. I’m so happy to submitted it. You do realized I expect another one now, right? I’m running low again and we can’t let this thing die right after you were featured! Oohhh, not that a LOT of pressure! Haha…muah!

      Liked by 2 people

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