Little Red Riding Hood: The Naughty Tale
By Dominique Nancy (a.k.a. 3C Style)
It was suppose to be a simple joke for a Guest in Jest but as I started to write, it sort of went into another direction… I do not know if it is funny. I’ll let you all be the judge of that.


You all know of course the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Did you know she met the same wolf 20 years later? Their path was destined to cross again. This time, it’s not in the magic forest of Charles Perrault, but in a bar on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal, Les Foufounes électriques. The flowing red silk dress that she wore that night was draped over her body, revealing her legs and sensual curves as she swayed on the dance floor to the beat of the Pixies’ music. The look of several wolves on the watch said a lot about their intentions. Satisfied with the effect she caused, she left the dance floor and walked slowly to the bar where there were some wolves thirsty for tender flesh. Some Christopher-big-arms and James-Don-Juan, all too confident of their charms and ignorant of their limits. One of them approached the young beauty and sniffed the delicate scent of her brown hair that rippled on her bare shoulders. She recognized him immediately even after so many years. How could she have forgotten the first one that had thrilled her so much? Fear had provoked a dose of adrenaline, the euphoric need of which would become a few years later her daily bread. The saliva of the beast on her neck at the time had permeated her skin, poisoned her blood and woke the animal in her. Too early. Much too early. The effect on a body so young had killed her innocence and left a mark.

Yes, it was him. The same laughing-eyed wolf, which with his raspy tongue had given her neck nibbles, so to speak. He had not changed much. His mane was more gray, his teeth less sharp… He was still scary to look at. “What a pleasant feeling” she thought. Her body shuddered slightly at the thought that… He, too, had recognized her. He smiles shyly.

-Oooh Little Red Riding Hood as you changed, he said. Obviously, he was shaken to find her after those long years. May I invite you to come to my table for a drink with me?

Little Red Riding Hood looked at him intently for a moment, then gently raised her index finger, which she moved from left to right. The message was clear. But she added a “Nope” anyway, smiling maliciously. A stab that could have been fatal to the pride of any animal. She replied immediately:

-Do not change the story. Eat me!


Photo Credit: Pixabay

30 thoughts on “Guest in Jest #64 3C Style

  1. Haha! Only you would come up with such a deliciously twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve been dying for this to come out ever since you sent it to me! You do realize that now that this is published I expect more… I’m never satisfied! Besides, my backlog is getting dangerously small. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️


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