A few days ago I was feeling really smug about the fact that my inbox was empty.  It was clean.  It was freaking pristine!  This went on for a few days.  I’d get some emails and answer them and I was keeping up.   Oh yeah…look at me keeping up!  I’m on top of it, baby!

I guess I hadn’t really paid much attention to the emails I wasn’t seeing, 😉  When I popped into WordPress I realized things had been happening here that I had not been apprised of!  This was odd because I’d been getting some WordPress emails.  Some, but not nearly all.  I just thought most of you went on vacation all at once.   You were probably all together on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails with tiny umbrellas in them.  But no, you weren’t at the beach, you were in a spam folder not sipping tiny umbrella drinks.  I have a feeling that the spam folder isn’t very beach-like.

Come to find out, Gmail has decided that WordPress is spam.  No, that’s not true,  I’m being unfair.  It’s even worse than that.  Gmail has decided that 80% of WordPress emails are spam.  It had me lulled into a false sense of security because I did get some WP missives.  I no longer have a false sense of security.  Nope, I am no longer lulled.  I now have 161 emails in my once pristine inbox and I’m not feeling the least bit secure.  Nope, not one bit.  The fact that my credit card company is also considered spam is rather disconcerting.  Even our aunt’s email went to spam!  She’s in my frigging contact list!!  She’s family, for goodness sake!

Why oh why does Gmail hate me so?  I just checked my spam list right now and found 31 emails…all new posts from my WordPress friends!  Maybe Gmail and WordPress are having a battle and I’m just collateral damage.  Maybe you all didn’t give Gmail tiny umbrella drinks.  I don’t know what WordPress did to deserve such treatment from Gmail, but it must have been big.  Until they start playing nicely again, I’ll be wallowing in my spam folder.  If I’m not there, I’ll be drowning in my no longer pristine inbox.  Sigh…


24 thoughts on “Spamalot

  1. Would that stand up as a defence in court do you think, should your credit card company press charges for non payment? I might consider getting a GMail account.

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  2. Well, I hope you took advantage of your moment in the Spam box to have a look at the Spam recipe google puts at the top. Now I have the Monty Python song stuck in my head. And that ridiculous menu, with such succulent delicacies as “Spam with Spam.”

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  3. It’s not just a gmail ailment! My outlook has decided to reclassify what is “focused” and what should be considered “other”! When I took them to task they told me to that I could manually go through ALL MY MAIL and reclassify it myself! Gee, thanks!

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  4. WP is a weird dichotomy. On the one hand it thinks of itself as the best thing in the world and you know pushes you around by giving you milestone stickers. Then it invades your privacy by sending you daily discover posts! Does that make it a dichotomy? Who knows! I got nothing… it is what it is and we just have to deal with it. But actually this would be Google’s fault. Wait a minute! What the hey, hey… heck! I think Google and WP are lovers and they are having an affair behind our backs and that is how your WP emails ended up in spam. It has to be it! I mean what else could it be? There are freaky things happening behind the scenes! Google just wanted to spare your sweet little innocent eyes. Google and WP have been making love to each other 24 seven practically. I think WP screwed the living daylights out of Google. It had no more energy to correctly classify anything else WP had.

    There. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I could just about do without any more discover post emails!

    Muuaah! You charming lady!

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