First off, an apology for being out of pocket this past week…or two! It’s been a little challenging here in my head, and my other body parts weren’t playing nice, either! Seizures, migraines and bronchitis… ok, it’s here where I REALLY want to say Oh My! You know, like the Lions and Tigers and Bears thing. But I’ll refrain, knowing full well that it’s now in your head but you can’t blame me for actually ‘saying’ it.

In addition to the aforementioned ailments in the part of the first part and…aw geez, now I’ve gone into legalese. I tell ya, I’m not quite right! Let’s start again, shall we? In addition to the crap I listed up there ⬆️ my Macbook died. Ok, I’m not sure it’s really dead. I mean it might just be tired and need a little coffee or…juice. One thing is for certain, it’s NOT getting juice right now. It refuses to charge. Truth be told, that Macbook doesn’t owe me a thing. It’s been dropped, and otherwise abused more than I can tell you. The Danes regularly nose it off the couch onto the floor just for the fun of it. Yeah, Danes are like that…

So, I’m sitting here staring at an ancient iPad. This iPad is so old I had to change the language to English from Cyrillic. It’s so old that…wasn’t there a comedian who did that schtick? Like WAY before I was born. Stop laughing! You will have to picture me with my fingers all scrunched up trying to type on this keyboard that is the size of the original (maybe Mach II) iPad. My fingers are not happy. My fingers are fat and ill-equipped for this, but I am long past due in coming in and checking out the WP scene. I am so bad that I haven’t even answered a comment in a very long time. I see I’ve missed some VERY cool posts that mentioned dragons and you know how much I love that, er those, er you know what I mean!!!

Just a side note here…did you know that you can’t start a WP title with a lower case letter? This is insane! I had to hack it…er I mean fool it into letting me type mainepaperpusher. No one keeps me from using my lower case m…certainly not this ancient iPad. Do you hear that, iPad? Later on we will have words and I’ll start every sentence with a lower case letter just to make you crazy!!!

Ok, end of side note, but don’t think I’m not still fuming. I’m glaring at this thing! Of course, it’s glaring right back because there’s a window behind me! Oh the injustice of it all!

This really REALLY is the end of the side note.

Maybe this will be a side note of the side note cause I need answers. I am looking at the new Macbooks and they are nice, but they still don’t have a touch screen and I had one of those once and I sort of miss it. Even though this blasted thing makes me all finger-crampy and gives me M’s when I want m’s (I just can’t let it go, can I?) I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an iPad Pro. Even if I get the old Macbook to charge again (charger on order, fingers crossed) it really is time for me to think about something new. For those of you who have used the iPad as your primary computer, how do you like it? For those of you who had a pc or macbook (small m just to make the Apple gods a little nuts) before and went over to the iPad, is it better living the App life or do you miss downloading actual programs?

For this paragraph I’m not even going to say that the side note thing is in the rear view mirror because it’s obvious that I have a hard time letting things go. I’ll try to pretend nothing irked me and just ask how you’ve all been doing? I’m sorry about not commenting. I’m doubly sorry for not seeing OODLES of awesome posts when they came out. I’ll try to catch up on some, but please don’t hate me (any more than you do now) if I don’t catch them all.

I’ll try to be on more now, even though I have to deal with this iPad. This should show you how much a really love you all! I might be on and off, actually. This bronchitis is kicking my tush and I’ve found out I have muscles I never knew I had. Do you know that we have ‘cough’ muscles?’ Ok, they aren’t really called that but I have coughed so much that those muscles hurt when I do. I’m all coughy when what I really need is coffee! Love and hugs, mainepaperpusher. ;P


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40 thoughts on “mainepaperpusher Goes Rogue

  1. Oh dear. Poor Linda!

    I find the ipad app ok for uploading pics but it is a pain for much else so I use WP on the web via my work pc at lunchtimes too. I am typing this reply on the android phone app which is ok but limited and keeps hanging.
    I am in the market for a new mac too. Our mac mini at home is 9 years old.

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    1. Hmmmm, I think I’ll have to wait for the new iPad to come out (SOON they say) and see what I think. I can always do a bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad, but I think I’ll miss a lot of my programs. I’ll slog along on this thing for a while and get a feel for that lifestyle. Hugs, by the way, hugs upon hugs upon hugs…and then some more. Thanks for checking on me.

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            1. That sounds just awful! I took Topamax and Depakote as anticonvulsants. The Topamax made my tongue numb and lose my taste. The Depakote made me gain 50 pounds in six months. Ugggh! The only med I’ve found that truly helps is Relpax. If I have a migraine and take Repax, my headache is usually gone in about a half hour. But it’s ridiculously priced and the generic doesn’t work for me. Sooo for the small headaches I’ve come up with a weird remedy that helps. Get ready to laugh. I have found a combination of salt, sugar and caffeine seems to help a lot…so I drink Pepsi with a individual bag of Cheetos or Doritos. Now that you’ve stopped laughing, it really does help. Plus it’s a lot more cost effective than a pill that retails at $50 a tablet. Thank goodness for insurance!! Anyhow, thanks so much for the info.

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              1. I had the same problem with the Topomax, and I had weight gain, muscle cramps and night terrors from the Depacote. I haven’t tried Relpax, but I’ve tried Imitrex and Maxalt and they both gave me burning head pain.

                And I’m not laughing at your food remedy at allLinda, because I’ve found something similar works for me. I use Coke and popcorn usually.☺️

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  2. Oh my, you have really been through it! I hope you are on the mend and starting to feel better. I have missed you! The dragons have been circling for you! I can sympathize with your Mac issue and using a dinosaur device is no fun, I had to use one this week, my phone broke up with me. Get better my friend! I am missing the Danes, your fantastic stories, and your humor! Much love and hugs!! 🐲😊💗

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  3. Welcome back, Linda! You were sorely missed. I recently went through the whole dying laptop thing, so I can sympathize. Sorry to hear about all the ailments. I hope you’re on the mend and that you’ll be 100% again soon!

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  4. Beautiful lady! Oh man! I really just want to hug you and help make it better. You are so brave and strong! We got you dear friend! Why would anyone hate you! You sweet woman! Don’t worry about a thing! We will all be here when you come back. Take care of you. Love and hugs to you! My thoughts are with you and I’ll always! 💕🙌😚

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  5. I am using my iPad right now and kinda hate it! I love my new Mac Pro, so powerful and great for photos. I am only using this iPad because we are traveling somewhere remote and there was no point to bring its big brother. Hope you feel better soon Linda💕

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  6. Thanks for alerting the world to WP anti-lowercase facism. Who knew our right to start sentences with small letters was being surreptiously eroded! 🙂

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