My dear friend Dee Dee at INVISIBLE-NO-MORE tagged me with the Seven Days Photo Challenge in which you have to post a single black and white photo every day for, you got it, seven days!

I really enjoyed Dee Dee’s photos a lot.  And even though I don’t do tags/awards and that sort of thing, this one was different…I owe Dee Dee.  She is one of the few folks who did my Black & White vs. Color Challenge more than once and so, you know, gotta pay my debts.  😉  However, you didn’t think I would play by the rules, did you?  Uh uh, nope, not happening.

Dee Dee, I will do your challenge.  I will do it for seven consecutive days.  But I’m not in a black and white mood. Oh yeah, and I’m not going to tag anyone…cause…you know…I don’t do tags!  I decided to take a walk around the house and see what I could find ‘close to home.’

A Walk Around My House #1




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