Yay!  Walter graduated Advanced Obedience yesterday!  Check it out! We weren’t there to pick up his diploma, but he graduated!  I would have been there but I sprained my wrist.  Which wrist you might ask?  My left…my leash-holding wrist.  Any guesses on how it was injured?  Yup, it was from hauling Walter around during the Advanced class of which he is now a graduate.  Sigh…

If you look at the photo above, you will see that all of the dogs are staying without anyone holding their leash…except one.  See that big Great Dane in the back on the left-hand side?   The one with the ears extended making him look like he’s about to take flight?  Yeah, that’s Walter.  See that leash that is NOT on the floor?  That’s because I was at the other end of it, just in case.  The most advanced student in the class…he is not.  Sigh…




The bright news of the day was that Greta went to her first local vet appointment.  Before we picked her up, just a week ago, she had been poked, pilled, and prodded…and caged.  Yesterday was meant to be a fun visit to set her up as a patient and give them the copious amount of veterinary paperwork that came along with her.

As you can imagine, Greta’s first vet visit was a hit.  Everyone at the practice came out to meet her and they LOVED her.  She acted like a perfect lady as she was checked over and her nails were clipped.  The vet and staff took extra time to just marvel at her wonderfulness.  They kept saying how well-mannered she is.  I know they were thinking “in comparison to Walter.”  But you know what?  A win is a win!

33 thoughts on “Walter Graduates and Greta Sees The Vet

    1. Next month Greta goes to Basic class and Walter will redo Intermediate because there is no advanced class coming up. I am going to get him to the point where I can drop that blasted leash! Haha! ❤️ 🐾 ❤️

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    1. She’s amazing! I keep hoping she’ll teach Walter some manners but just when I think that might happen he’ll grab a toy or look at her the wrong way and she’ll muckle onto his leg or snout or…well the possibilities are endless! She so sweet but she suffers no fools and we all know what Walter is!

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  1. Walter and obedience, now there is an oxymoron! Perhaps with the influence of Greta Walter my see the light and become that obedient dog of your dream. Thought I would try to cheer you up Linda.❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶

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  2. Sorry to hear about your wrist Linda and I hope it is better soon.
    I love these Walter and Greta posts. The group pic at the top is hilarious. What a cute but motley collection of dogs. The little Jack Russell at the front looks a character. The numerous labradors are doing as I would expect – looking at the camera and going ‘durrr what that?’.
    Greta will be in the advanced class in record time I reckon.

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        1. Ernest is a hoot! He started as a teeny tiny puppy and now he’s a teeny tiny teenager. If he does something wrong, his owner just picks him up and puts him in position. I look at Walter and just sigh as I cajole him into going where I want to. Or haul him by the leash. Can’t imagine why I hurt my wrist!

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  3. Awe bless your beautiful babies. I love reading stories about them . Well I love reading everything you write but I don’t know what WP is up to but all my favourite people’s blogs are not appearing in my reader! So I have set out to seek you all myself and I know most of my faves hang out around you, which… why wouldn’t they. You’re brilliant.

    Hope you’re well.
    Loving you much ❤️

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    1. Oh my gosh, you are so sweet!!! As for your Reader problem, I wonder if you unfollow and refollow if that would work? You can test it on me if you like! Sending you Ooodles of Hugs and Love ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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      1. I edited this to publish next Monday. I’m need to get your expertise on posting, reposting and guest blogging. I may be familiar with engineering, but I am also a man. “Who reads the directions? It cannot be that difficult!” LOL

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        1. I am at your disposal! Being a relative newbie at this (a whole year!) I am still learning little tricks here and there. Sometimes, I just bull through and figure out a way that probably isn’t kosher, but works! Whatever I can do, I will. Actually, I am going to send you an email with a suggestion. Stand by, sailor! 😉

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