We got her!  Yup, she is officially named Greta.  She responded to it immediately.


After a night kept apart, she met Walter in the kennel and wanted to play immediately.  They jumped on each other and chased each other.  She tuckered Walter out.  Walter has never been tuckered out!  She is a sweet girl unless Walter shoves his face in hers, then she will growl at him!  Hah!!!  Take that Walter!!!  Karma has arrived.  Maybe that’s what we should have named her!

Here are a few pics:



IMG_5672 2



46 thoughts on “Greta’s First Day In Cornville

  1. This is so cool. They are having a great time, obviously. Love these pictures. Whew! I’m tuckered out just looking at these action shots! Dexter wants to know if she has picked out her couch yet?

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    1. They played for hours. We have a big sectional sofa. I always sit in the corner with one dog on either side. If Bill wants to sit down the dog in his spot has to get up and find another spot. So far she has tried out all of the possible places and has not claimed any of them…or she’s claimed them all…not really sure about that. Time will tell!

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    1. Also, is that how one goes about naming dogs? Listing candidates until she responds to one? Making sure to list preferred ones first?
      It’s like a competition. Imagine cheering fans in the crowds, wearing the team colors for their favorite names.

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      1. Haha! We had pretty much settled on Greta for a few different reasons. The fact that it was somewhat like her original name (Kota) just made it easier. And yes, I love your cheering fan scenario. The fans would have loved seeing Bill and me calling out names randomly to see if they “called well” before we even got her. Anyone listened would have thought we’d gone off the deep end.

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    1. They get along great, though I don’t think she’ll take any shenanigans from Walter. haha! I can’t believe it. They have played so much today that they are sacked out and fast asleep. This is just what Walter needed, and me, too!

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      1. Hoooray! Women usually don’t take shenanigans from the men in any species 😉 I’m glad its working out for Walter and you especially beautiful lady. 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, I expect there will be many Walter and Greta posts. They are already showing a great dynamic. Last night I crated Walter and I slept on the couch with Greta and she was perfectly behaved. Tonight I sleep in my bed and she and Walter will be will be on their own. I will report back. We already know the havoc Walter can create. It will be interesting (frightening?) to see what they do as a team!

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    1. Me, too!!! I got up this morning thinking there would be all sorts of carnage. We know what Walter can do and I was expecting twice the mess. I walked into the room and there was a pillow on the floor. Yup, that’s it…a pillow on the floor. Wow! She is perfectly housetrained and learned the dog door routine right away. It’s amazing so far. We’ll see if it continues! When do you get Molly again? ❤️ 🐾

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      1. I am so impressed. Hopefully she will teach Walter!
        No bookings for Molly at the moment. Her owners are not likely to go on holiday at peak time for the nursery. There is still the possibility of ad hoc visits though. Susan reports Molly is full of mischief at the moment but they are having to be strict with her because of the danger of her jumping up at Susan when she still has stitches in her knee.

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  2. I’m so glad they get along! Also, if she make Walter tired, she make him behave. Tired dogs are too tired to destroy things. Walter probably needed a sister to fight the boredom.

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      1. Well I tell you Clara was in charged with my Kate dog,despite the fact he was the oldest ,already in the house for 6yeRs a slightly bigger and she is charged with Kurt to despite the fact he three times her size 😂😂😂Walter will learn 😉poor boy.
        I have an idea for my canine guest post but I need to wait next week to see how it develops.i will give u more details😀

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        1. Not long ago, we had a Berger des Pyrenees who weighed about 40 pounds. Levi, my recently departed Great Dane weighed a hundred pounds more than she did. She could still back him out of a room. I think Walter is doomed. 😉

          Can’t wait to hear more about the Pets in Jest post you are pulling together. I can’t wait! ❤️ 🐾 ❤️

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          1. Oh my now Clara will be really under pressure with expectations😉😜and yes I think Walter will get it rather soon who is the new boss😳more pics when u have the chance,they are so adorable😍😍😍😍😍

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