Yup, it’s midnight on Puppy Eve.  Her big crate is set up in the kitchen so she’ll have a cozy place to hang out on the first night.  We can’t have Walter chasing her all over creation!

I have a bunch of stuff packed up for the trip, including lots of treats and some of Walter’s toys.  TWO rolls of paper towels.  Hey, if a Dane makes a mess, it’s a BIG mess!  I also put in a spare leash and a collar.  Water and bowl.  Hey, I’m ready for any eventuality!  Hopefully, she’ll sleep the entire 3 1/2 to 4 hours home and I’ll need none of that stuff

To say that I’m excited would be understating it greatly.  There is a combination of over-the-top joy, fear, trepidation, and hopefulness rolled all into one big ball of anticipation.  You might think the fear and trepidation are a little strange.

I have two fears that feed the trepidation.  What if she (probably Greta) and Walter totally hate each other?  I know there will be a period of transition, but what if they never become buddies?  My second fear is that the two of them will break my long-suffering husband.  Just this last week he had back spasms that were so bad that he couldn’t even sit down.  It was heartbreaking to see him in such pain.  What if the dogs are so rambunctious they injure him?  Scary stuff!

In spite of those fears, I am beyond excited.  I’m hopeful because she is absolutely perfect for our situation.  The only reason she was given up was that she got too big for the people who owned her.  SHE’S A GREAT DANE!  Of course, she’s going to be big!  Their loss and stupidity is our gain.  Unless she tries to eat Walter or breaks Bill.

All of this rambling was the preface to my true message.  I will probably be rather busy over the next couple of days so I won’t be here as much as I’d like.  I promise there will be pics and stories, but I might be dealing with growling dogs and broken husbands.  Wait!  That should have been ‘broken husband.’  No plural because that would be bad!!

Wish us luck!  The next few days are going to be eventful, I’m sure.

37 thoughts on “Midnight on Puppy Eve

    1. We’re pretty darned excited, too! She’s just lovely and as friendly as can be. She’s really taken to Bill which is a really go thing since Walter owns me. Now to acclimate them to each other. 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉


        1. A fine day was had by all. The dogs played and chased each other for hours out in the fenced-in kennel area. The only snags we had were a couple of snarls. One from Walter when she got too close to him while he was eating. The other was when he shoved his face in hers and she wanted him to back off. They are figuring out the hierarchy and I think she might just end up being top dog! That would be a total surprise to me. Time will tell!

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  1. I hope none of those dark scenarios would happen. Be careful about the dogs boundaries or if they forget about them – set them for them 🙂 Don’t allow to much play because too high emotions are the enemy. It’s good to teach them staying calm while being together. It’s great you got a crate, hopefully Greta (what a lovely name ❤ Love it!) is used to it already.

    I think it would be perfect and nothing heals so good as a dog so hopefully husband would be alright if not perfect!

    We wish you good luck! 🙂

    p.s. Oh, and for a Great Dane becoming to grand… 😉 Well, there's no cure for… to put it mildly… for some people 😉

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    1. So far, so good. We are home and we let the two of them see each other a leash length away. They both went down on their elbows wanting to play. Walter was a little overexuberant, but we could see that they will play together wonderfully once they get to know each other. It’s wonderful as she is following Bill everywhere and he seems smitten. So far so good!! By the way, Walter is the one in the crate tonight having a good snooze.


    1. You are so sweet! I will try to make her a happy girl. She’ll need to set boundaries with Walter and she has already been signed up for obedience class. Those two things will turn a sweet dog into an exemplary dog. We shall see! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️


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