For those of you who think Walter can do no wrong. Yes, he has pulled every pillow to the floor. Yes, he has torn a hole into the couch corner and tried to cover it up with pillows. If you look closely you can see couch stuffing!!! Yes, he is trying to look innocent. Damned Demon Dog!!!

86 thoughts on “Damned Demon Dog!

                1. Yes! But I have to have him back by Monday because he can’t miss class. His trainer told me today that we were doing GREAT! She used caps! I think she’s trying to give me positive reinforcement, after all, that’s how she treats all of her canine students! πŸ˜‰

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                    1. He’s already snagged one, thank you very much! If you keep sending me Cardinal hostage pictures I’ll have to think of something really evil. Oh, I know! During our canine exchange program, I will lavish Murphy with toys and treats so much that he’ll be spoiled beyond redemption! Hah! Oh, wait. Did I type that out loud? Now you know my evil plan and you can do the very same thing. Curses! Hoist by my own petard!

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  1. “You see mom, when you left the room, I got so much anxiety and thought you were never going back so I started searching for you… and hey! there you are! I missed you!” That’s what I imagined he said with that look, haha.

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  2. Hmm, me thinks somebody needs a bit of crate time to think on the purpose of couches (hint not a chew toy). Perhaps an extra long run would help us regard the couch as a place to sleep instead of a giant chew toy?

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    1. I think both of those ideas are good ones, but only if he can be crated for exactly the amount of time he’s not running. Otherwise, he’ll be into trouble. Give him five minutes and it’s all over. Right now he doesn’t seem so bad, he’s next to me dream twitching and snoring loudly. ZZZzzzZZ

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  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚but how could you get pissed with that creature….to handsome.
    Kurt ate the old and the new couch too…..and when I say eat I mean chewed in holes😱He is an handsome too but I got pissed anyway🀣

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      1. The first few, yes. Then that corner because a full tear from the top of the back to the cushion. Then more little tears. I am not buying a nice couch till the new pup, if I ever find one, is out of puppy mode. I see a lot of couch covers and pillows in my future! πŸ˜€


      1. I do understand believe me.first couch was destroyed.we had to cover it too and you could feel the holes in the cushions seats but we decided not to change it until Kurt was off the puppy stage….by the time he was three,we thought we were safe:we were wrong🀣but very limited damages this time,only ones seat cushion that we could change upside down.

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                    1. When I went to see the pic I saw all of these posts I hadn’t seen before. I knew I was following you. Silly me, I hadn’t changed your settings so that I would be emailed when you posted! I rarely go to Reader for my “regulars” so I must apologize. Now I’m going to go through all of my followed blogs and make sure I haven’t done it anywhere else! Yikes! 😧

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                    2. Lol,I instead mostly go through the readers but to be honest it’s impossible to keep up with all the the last two days for example I ve been away so tried at least to check notifications by mail but still not enough time .Lots of catching up reading today I’m afraidπŸ˜‰
                      Big hug to Walter 🐢

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    1. It’s the only reason he’s still alive! Well, that and the amusement I have when the delivery people see him for the first time. Our porch/entryway is lower than the main house and when the UPS guy comes he can look up at the living room window. Walter isn’t content to just look out and bark. He’ll get up on the couch with his front paws on the back and bark at the guy about seven feet above his head. He’s a magnificent watchdog just because he’s imposing.

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      1. Many years ago I delivered papers… it was often the little dogs that would scare me. But for the most part their bark was worse than their bite. However if I had seen a dog that big staring me down I am sure I would have ran off that porch! LOL

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  4. At least he tried to cover it up. We have cats. They rip holes in the sofa and look pleased with themselves. Then, they defy you to buy a new one so they can rip holes in that too.

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