Hello! I am Molly!


Some of you will already know me from my visits to Uncle Darren’s blog at Artyplantsman.  Uncle Darren has encouraged me this time to write for his friend Linda. (What he actually said was ‘Push off and pester someone else for a change’ but I know he didn’t mean it really.)

Anyway, Uncle Darren’s wife Aunty Susan somehow thought I needed this ‘brain training’ toy for Christmas:



Me? Brain Training? I am flabbergasted! Cheeky humans! Look at the keen intelligence radiating from me!


So I thought I would offer a tip to other dogs caught in this insulting situation:

Apparently what happens is that your pet human fills this here ball with doggy treats and leaves a small hole open. We are then supposed to bat the thing round the floor like this until treats drop out.


The treat is our reward for being clever and for providing said human with amusement.

However, I have a tip based on observation:

Look cute but bewildered (basically channel your inner Labrador – unless you actually are a Labrador in which case I assume someone with a brain is reading this to you, LOL)


Your human will then seek to demonstrate the device for you by shaking and pushing it around the floor for you. When the treat drops out you still get to eat it! They get the work – you get the treat and the amusement.

When they wander away shaking their head in despair is your chance to pin the dratted ball down and chew your way into it for the rest of the treats!



Calling all Pets!

Tell your human that you want to submit a guest post here.  Have them send it to mainepaperpusher@yahoo.com and your friend Linda will publish it so everyone will get to know you and the crazy things your humans do.

39 thoughts on “Pets In Jest: Molly

    1. Haha, but not for long, if I know her! Walter has a toy similar to that. It’s one of those giant Kong things with a hole for treats. He just figured out how to unscrew it so he could get all of the treats at once. After that, I knew he didn’t need any more brain-enhancing toys! He’s learned to open doors and unzip things. Nothing is safe unless it’s a minimum of 8 feet off the ground.

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                    1. Not yet. He’s afraid it will traumatize the other poodle in the class who he likes very much. Imagine this, a poodle named Hemi! You don’t see a poodle named after a macho truck engine every day, that’s for sure.

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          1. Susan’s sister’s lab was the same. she was a rescue dog. First day they got her she ran off down to the beach and spent an hour in the water attempting to sink mooring buoys before she could be coaxed back.

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  1. Ha, ha… Well done Molly. That should teach your uncle Darren a lesson. He taught he was untrainable! I have heard certain kind of humans are more difficult to reach due to their genetics. But you have solve this problem and succeed to get what you want out of your human’s behaviour. Congrats!

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  2. Hahahaha I used to love demonstrating these in pet stores to show owners just how long their dogs can stay occupied. Molly seems very smart however so maybe not distracted for too long 😉 Great post!

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