I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I’ve amassed 500 followers.  Normal people would thank their followers and be humbled, yet proud.  I’m not normal.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate my followers, I love them!  Do I thank you?  I do…oh so very much!  Am I humbled and proud?  I think more than anything I’m bemused and confused…and thrilled!  What truly strikes me is the mindset that pushes someone to hit that “follow” button after reading something ridiculous I’ve written.  Are you all mad!?

Then the reality sets in.  Not only am I not normal, but my followers aren’t either.  What other explanation could there be?  How does it feel to be part of half a thousand abnormal people?  I truly hope it feels fine.  I truly hope you know how much I enjoy you, your blogs, and your comments.  I truly hope you never reach normality because you might find that “unfollow” button and that would sadly prove you have.


43 thoughts on “Are You All Mad?

  1. Mad is much more fun! Being abnormal is fabulous, compared to just plain, boring normal! Birds of a feather flock together! Adore you, Dragon Queen!!💚🐉

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  2. Haha congratulations Linda! I love your brand of abnormal very much! Please continue to reap…. I mean share it with all of us your humble victims… I mean friends. 😉💗

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  3. 500….Way to go, Linda! You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Everyone marches to the beat of a different drum, or fife, or kazoo… If normal these days wears purple hair, has some form of body art and has an emotional support peacock or iguana or whatnot, Celebrate abnormal!!

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    1. I do put purple in my hair every once in a while and I would kill for a support peacock, though I hear they don’t fly, at least not on the airlines. I will celebrate abnormal and I know you are right here with me, right? 😉

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  4. In my previous incarnation (giggle, ahem, wink,nudge) I remember hitting 500and being a bit shy to make a huge deal so I think I pretty much called everyone insane and then wrote a poem about allegorical heartbreak starring a blackbird so….this was pretty tame!
    How much I love and appreciate you is no secret. I’m rarely around here on your bloggy and it makes me sad but…these days I have a little time and I use it to pour out some inside stuff and have a looky look then swiftly exit. Sigh. It’s not ideal but I get to feel the love from you and other beautiful souls around here and it fills me with small drops of happy so… congratulations my dragon warrior shield maiden and may you get 500 more loonies who need a checkup from the neck up (hee hee)
    Love you 💟

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  5. Awe congratulations sweet Dragon Keeper. I’m proud to be amongst the abnormal and who could be normal by loving our little bond over Sorgenfresser. 😉. Crazy is the new normal and I’d be crazy over normal any day. Way too go and thank you for all the smiles. Hugs

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