It’s dog food delivery day!


IMG_0004 (1)






41 thoughts on “Black & White vs Color Photo Challenge

  1. Despite the colourful packaging I vote for B&W. Note you have one of those food bowls with raised bumps. Thinking of getting one as it might slow Molly down a bit. She empties her bowl so fast that she forgets she has eaten!

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    1. Yes, but only if you feed her kibble. Wet food is potentially a problem as the bumps are screwed on. I found this out when Walter unscrewed one! He’s a clever boy. Anyhow, wet food has the potential to seep underneath and cause icky problems. They have plastic versions, but plastic bowls are never a good idea. When is Molly staying with you again? I love seeing pics and catching up on her escapades.


        1. One of my favorite people in this world. She’s got a kind and pure heart and she loves animals. Exactly the type of friend I cherish. Thanks so much for the wishes. That was very kind of you. ❤️


      1. oh darn! If they ever build a petpeople by you, they carry Taste of the wild and every 13th bag is free plus you get reward certificates just for spending money.

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        1. I love rewards! One cool thing that does is to reduce the cost of a bag slightly for every bag you add. So instead of 30/bag for 15 lbs you can save a couple of bucks per bag. You can save almost $5 for a $50 bag for 30 lbs. So that all adds up. Of course, I think they should just give all of it to me for half price…haha


          1. High ten!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crazy much?) Hahhaa

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    1. This year it was a tiny cake about the size of a softball. Ok, slightly larger than that, but not much! Bill gets cake based on the amount of artificial coloring it has. I think I see another cake in my future. Maybe a football cake! We watched the Pats last week and we’ll be watching tomorrow. I know you will be, too!!!


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