Many years ago, before cell phones were prevalent (gasp!) I had a situation that proved that social media was not necessary for quick information distribution.

A little background here…My Mom and I lived in Bangor, Maine and when I got married I ended up in Cornville, Maine.  Yup, go ahead and laugh.  Everybody does!  It sounds like a place out of Hee Haw.  For those of you who are too young (most of you,) Hee Haw was this hokey TV show where one of the skits each week featured actors dressed as country bumpkins, in a cornfield.  Someone would mention some tiny town name that no one had ever heard of and the whole group would give a hearty  “Salute!!”  It’s easier to show than explain.


Yes, this hokey show was on before cell phones were prevalent, as well.  I told you it was many years ago!  My age was still in the single digits so it was definitely a long time ago.  Anyhow, I”m not here to talk about Hee Haw, I just thought Cornville would have been a perfect town for them to Salute! but I’ll get this train back on track.

My Mom and I lived in Bangor, Maine and when I got married I ended up in Cornville.  See?  Back on track!

One night, out of the blue, Mom got a phone call from her friend Madeline.  It seems that my new husband Bill had been seen in a Bangor restaurant with another woman!

My Mom called me to laugh about it because she was sure Madeline was mistaken.  I couldn’t have been Bill.  Bill would never stray.  Bill could do no wrong in her eyes.  She asked if he was home, knowing full well that he was.  I told her no, he was in Bangor doing an errand.  Dead silence.

My mother was never at a loss for words, so this was a first!  She told me that Madeline had called her with this information and with a description of The Other Woman.  I burst out laughing and that really confused her.  I told her that Bill must have contacted Julie to have dinner with him.  Julie was one of my best friends and she was my ‘best woman’ at our wedding.  Once she knew who the other woman was, we really did have a good laugh.

Bill got home that night and I met him at the door.  “So, I hear you’ve been having dinner with another woman!!  Don’t think you can get away with anything, mister!” His eyes got wide and his jaw hit the floor.  I’m sure he thought I’d had him followed.  How could I know this?  Just as he was starting to nervously explain I asked, “How is Julie, anyway?”

These days information flies around the globe in seconds and everyone knows what everyone is eating, say nothing of where they were and who they were with.  In the old days, a landline telephone was our fastest means of communication.  In this instance, it was social media…old style!

21 thoughts on “Social Media…Old Style

  1. True. In my in laws home, wife’s side, any news, good or bad, can spread in an hour of knowing, in India, parts of Canada, US, UK and Australia, social media or no social media. Family bush telegraph.

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  2. My wife Susan grew up on an island and no matter where she went on her bike during the holidays her mother always knew exactly what she had been up to by the time she got home, and which other kids she had allowed to ride her bike. The mums phone network was scary.

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  3. The bad thing about current social media is that almost all write about their daily life. I saw someone says that they have to leave for a while to go to bathroom!!! I was expecting a post from there! Hehehe

    Yes, i remember our old phone. It was a great moment the one when we bought a wireless land phone

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