I usually title these sorts of posts “I’m An Idiot,” but I’ve done that so often I thought I’d use something else.  I’ve missed a wonderful opportunity and I want to rectify the situation.

We’ve been having a lot of fun doing these Black & White vs. Color photo challenge posts and I’d had some folks do them on their blogs and ping back to me.  I’m looking at you Dee Dee!  I’m looking at some other people, too.  I should have reblogged them all so everyone could see them.


I’m an idiot!  See, I couldn’t help but put that in there.  I’m sorry, I should have thought about his before now.  TOTAL FACE PALM!  Ok, that’s kind of a sly face palm, but it’s a dragon so…ya know.

Sooo, I would like those of you who have done this challenge on their own blogs to send me the links so I can properly reblog.  Watch out people, there will be photobombing!  Right, Dee Dee?  She’s my most loyal “photo comparer person.”

From now on, I promise I will reblog all posts from other blogs that ping back to me.  I need to share the photo goodness.

In the meantime, I’ll just be over here ——->  in the corner…hanging my head in shame…with a very red forehead!


Featured image from Farloft’s Rhetoric

15 thoughts on “Total Face Palm!

  1. I don’t know how I feel just yet about reblogging. I mean, when someone reblogs something I posted, I feel flattered and like it, but sometimes I get frustrated going through the reader and seeing a thousand reblogs running through. This isn’t Tumblr, you know? However, I think with a challenge, it might be nice to reblog if you were the one who created the challenge as a gesture of appreciation. You don’t deserve any face palming. It was a nice gesture, but absolutely not necessary.

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      1. I wasn’t singling you out. I was speaking generally. Your reblogging blast was understandable and, in fact, appreciated. It was fun to see all the bw and color photos from the peeps who participated. Actually, your reblogging binge is the only one I think I’ve ever appreciated. I actually unfollowed someone because every day I had like a traffic jam of random crap. A photo challenge is a perfect excuse to reblog big time and endlessly. It’s all one theme and totally not random. So, please don’t apologize, no need to! I enjoyed it. In my previous comment I wanted to emphasize there was no face palming required and what you decided to do was a nice gesture.

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        1. I’m happy you weren’t miffed with me. When you mentioned that I started to think that perhaps I could have erred on the side of restraint. Restraint isn’t actually something I’m terribly well acquainted with so the idea that I mighted have erred on its side was rather dicey at the outset. I’m really glad you mentioned it, though. The least I could have done was space it out over a few days. 🙂

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