Most of  you know that I repeat past posts on Wednesdays because of a snafu that made buried my posts.  I said Humph and a tradition was born.  Maybe I should call it something else by now, but the name stuck.  For those of you who have read these posts before, please just ignore and wait for the Guest in Jest post on Friday.

Some people have asked me how I became the Dragon Queen and/or Dragon Keeper.  It all started with The Liebster award that Nel at sent me months ago.  I got a little carried away.  Ok, I got a lot carried away.  I don’t do awards anymore because they got to be overwhelming, just look at how long this thing is, but I’m glad I did this one.


The rules of this award:

  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs
  5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.


Nel, Nel, Nel…what can I say?  Nel is obviously a masochist because I always give her a really hard time and she keeps nominating me for these awards.  She even said she was looking forward to seeing what my answers would be to her questions.  She has admitted that she enjoys pain!  Tsk tsk tsk, Nel, you truly are a glutton for punishment.

Seriously though, you should read Nel’s blog because she’s funny AND fun.  Plus, she has a turtle.  You don’t mess with turtle people.  If I were you, I’d go right on over to her blog and say nice things.  I really don’t have to tell you to do that because once you read her blog, the nice things will just come spewing out of your fingertips and…well, who knows what will happen after that?!  Did I mention she has a turtle?  ‘Nuff said.


Nel’s Questions: 

If you could have one date with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Ok, you are probably looking for a TV or movie actor here, but I’m going rogue.  I’m picking an author.  I would love to sit down and talk to Tom Robbins for an evening.  He has the most inventive, irreverent, philosophical, intelligent books I’ve ever read.  He makes me laugh, he makes me think, and he makes me wonder.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Alright, I know you won’t be happy till I give you a celebrity you can see on one screen or another.  You’re such a taskmaster!  I think I’d like to spend an evening with John Oliver.  He’s hilarious!  In addition to a keen wit, he’s intelligent and has the energy of a coked-up spider monkey.  I think he’d be fun if I could keep up with him.

King’s Landing or King Arthur’s Court?

This one is simple.  While I have a great love for all things Merlin, I would want to hang out in King’s Landing, for sure.  It has EVERYTHING: a throne made of swords, the weirdest giant knight ever, a bay in flames…EVERYTHING!  Geez, I sound like Stephan on Saturday Night Live!  The coolest thing about King’s Landing is that everyone who ever was someone is buried there.  Everyone who is something is coming there.  Plus the dragons are coming.  DRAGONS!!!  I love dragons.  I collect stuffed dragons.  I bet you can’t guess what my answer will be for the next question.  C’mon, just guess…

Which is cooler: dinosaurs or dragons? (that’s a trick question just sayin’)

See the previous question…duh

Have you ever seen a double rainbow?

Yes, more than once.  I also know a real live leprechaun.  I do.  For realsies.  I see that look of doubt!  You just wait!  I’ll introduce you to him.  His name is Bud.

Would you choose to fly like a bird and roam the sky or swim like a whale and roam the deep sea?

I want to fly like a dragon.  Again, see the first question.  It’s all about the dragons.  It’s always been about the dragons.  It will always be about the dragons.

What’s your favorite Disney movie and why?

You’re killing me here.  You really can’t tell by now?  It’s Pete’s Dragon, for Pete’s sake!

If you had the means to invent something, what would it be?

I would invent a way to connect and charge all things without the use of wires.  Wires suck.  When the dragons come, they should kill the wires but only after I’ve invented the thing that makes the wires obsolete.  Otherwise, we’d be screwed. (not the first word that came to mind.)

Why did you choose WordPress as your blogging platform instead of say Blogger or Wix?

I pulled up Google.  I typed “blog” and the first thing that came up after the ads and the definition of “blog” was a WordPress link.  I clicked.  I looked around.  I decided to settle here.  Do you like the new drapes?

What’s the one thing that makes you smile every single day?

My animals.  Of course, Walter also makes me cringe, want to scream and act like a crazy woman.  Maybe you should ask me about this after Walter gets older.  Sometimes I wonder why didn’t I get a pet dragon?  You thought I’d forgotten about dragons, didn’t you?  Didn’t you!!?  Hummph, not likely, lady!

If you could live in a book world, which one would it be and why?

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak   I’ve loved this book for decades.  Who wouldn’t want to cavort with monsters and come home to a hot supper?

Do you like piña coladas? (I may or may not be humming in my head)

The long answer: Let me just say this right up front.  I hate you.  There, I said it.  You put that earworm in my head and I hate that song.  Therefore, I hate you.  On second thought, my mother always told me not to hate anyone, but to hate what they have done.  SO, I hate that you put that earworm in my head.   Plus, I hate piña coladas.  It’s a sissy drink.  The rum in it is white.  Everyone knows that good rum is dark.  EVERYONE!  Just ask any self-respecting pirate.  Even the dragons know this.  Dragons know their rum, you’d best believe that.  Actually, the fact that you put a horrible earworm song in my head that features a white rum drink is grounds for a dragon attack.  Put on your flame-proof clothing.  Flame-resistant crap isn’t going to do shi…er anything!  I have just one thing to say to you…ok, I have just two things to say to you…   Copacabana and Who Let the Dogs Out?  There, happy now?

The short answer:  I’d rather get caught in the rain.

11 Random facts about myself:

  1. I love dragons.
  2. I’m beginning to hate the number 11 because there are 11 questions here!
  3. I love cheesecake
  4. Shameless plug:  I’m really hoping my tag Where In the World Are You? takes off.
  5. I love animals of all types.
  6. I look at dog hair as a fashion accessory.
  7. I love warm weather
  8. I hate baby corn; it’s evil
  9. I tend to like anti-heroes.
  10. My favorite alcohol is rum…DARK rum
  11. My most-used word is NO!  I have a puppy.  Hoping it will soon be replaced by “Good dog!”


My Questions:

Who was your most important mentor and what did they teach you?

If you could have only one pet, what would it be?

What would you name that one pet?

Morning person or night person?

What is your favorite dessert?

Where in the world do you live?

If you walk out your door, what do you see?

Movies, TV, or a book?

What is your favorite cloud formation?

Who is your favorite scientist of all time?

What is your favorite bumper sticker saying?



Before I say this, don’t you all wuss out on me.  I nominate everyone.  Now, this seems like a cop-out, but I always feel guilty if I don’t nominate someone who’s great.  I also feel guilty if I nominate someone who gets all sorts of these awards and is just burned out. A guilty mainepaperpusher is a sad mainepaperpusher.

Please, jump in and do this award if you want to promote your blog.  Jump in if you want to answer my silly questions.  Jump in just for the hell of it!  But only jump in if you truly want to.  I don’t want any coerced jumpers here.  It would make me feel guilty and we all know that is not good.

Love you all and especially the dragon lovers out there”

~mainepaperpusher AKA paperpusher AKA paprpushr AKA Linda Can you tell I hate capital letters for my nicknames.  I’m not a fan of spaces, either.

Geez, I have a lot of aliases, but mostly I’m just mainepaperpusher.  Yup, mainepaperpusher is the rule and Linda is the exception that breaks the rule.  I’m all about rule breaking.  Just ask the dragons.


37 thoughts on “Humph! Day: How I Became The Dragon Queen

  1. Oh this is a fantastic reshare! So much fun and I totally forgot all the dragon answers but I think I laughed while reading this more than I did the first time I read it! Also, you are right! Don’t mess with a turtle person and now I’m thinking of sending you a beardy for Christmas then you’ll really be a dragon lady! 😉 Love you Linda ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 5 people

  2. OMG! I love this. Linda! You’re amazing! I love you now more than ever!

    “In addition to a keen wit, he’s intelligent and has the energy of a coked-up spider monkey.”

    Yeah! That’s real funny to me! 😅

    You are such a charming dragon lady! Just adorable and witty! 😍😘

    Liked by 1 person

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