After my father died, my Mom found love again. Most children would see this as a mixed blessing, but I didn’t.  I was in my early 20’s and I had known John my entire life.  He was my Dad’s cousin’s first husband.  Got that?  I’ll wait a few minutes till you do.  It’s confusing.  I loved John, he was a great guy and he treated my Mom like a queen.

Anyhow, my Dad and his cousin Ruby both died around the same time.  My mother sent a sympathy card to John and he sent one to her. They started writing back and forth and it was, as they say, meant to be.

I was really happy for my Mom and I just adored John, so it was great news when I heard they were to marry.  The plans were made and my boyfriend at the time agreed to go with me.  I figured it could be a nice romantic weekend for us, in addition to attending the nuptials.

The wedding was lovely, and when the gifts were opened there was a gift certificate from John’s daughter.  It was for a local hotel so that they could have a proper wedding night.  My Mom was in her mid-sixties, and John was older than that, so the gift was amusing to some.  What was amusing to me was that the hotel they would be staying in was the very one my boyfriend and I had booked. This was an amazing coincidence considering that there were scores of hotels in the city.  What were the odds?

After the reception, my boyfriend and I went back to the hotel for our own romantic evening.  Not long after we settled in I heard voices outside the door.  They sounded familiar.  What a way to break the mood!  My Mom and John were walking past our room!  Then I heard OUR doorknob rattle slightly and then more forcefully!   I looked out and there was John with his key in OUR door trying to get in.  I flattened myself against the door so there wasn’t any chance at all that they could see me there in my skimpy attire.  I was also hoping to impede their progress should he somehow get that door open!

Come to find out, their room was right next to ours.  Not only were they in the same hotel, which was a huge coincidence, but they were right next door!!

I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night. Come to think of it, I didn’t get a lot of anything that night!




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