Isn’t it amazing how different a picture looks in black and white vs. color?  The black and white challenges have been so popular lately, but I often longed to see the color version as well.  So here we are!  Feel free to just post your Black and White AND Color posts without constraint.  Caption them at will!  No time limits, no required number of posts, no tagging.  Just do one when the spirit moves you.  I’ll start!


Fall fern

DSCF0001 (2013_02_23 22_24_41 UTC).jpg




DSCF0001 (2013_02_23 22_24_41 UTC) (1).jpg

15 thoughts on “Black and White AND Color Challenge

  1. I’m in Linda, but I will start tomorrow. Maybe I will manipulate Roda’s Monday critter connection and use it for both of you! Ahh, my mind is churning with the possibilities!! 🙂

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