This is a reblog of a reblog. Unfortunately, Penny got a really disappointing comment for reblogging this satirical piece and I applaud her for defending her right to post it. It really frosts my feathers that someone left a comment that was unkind. So read along and if there is anyone who is offended, I’m sorry. I can only hope you’ll tell me so in a civil manner. I fully support your right to do so.

Penny Wilson Writes

I reblogged this once before, but after a snarky comment, I took it down.  After thinking about it, I am reposting it.  This is a Great Post, worth reading.  If you don’t like anything on my blog, you don’t have to look at it.  If you have comments, please keep them civil, as I do moderate comments before they post.

I am not best pleased.

via Dear Earthlings — Afterwards

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23 thoughts on “Dear Earthlings

  1. In this case, you can! Hit Penny’s and Michael’s and tell them you saw it here because I was ticked! I hate it when my friends have been upset with no just cause. I’m glad you liked it. I thought Michael hit the nail on the head!


            1. Haha, I was in Inside Sales for many years. However, I was lucky enough to be in a business where the demand was high so my job was to try and get enough product for my customers. I promise I won’t try to convince you anymore, even if you would be awesome! Darn, I just did it again! I can’t help myself when I see talent!

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