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a goat is no longer an option

27 “‘But if just one person sins unintentionally, that person must bring a year-old female goat for a sin offering. 28……… and when atonement has been made, that person will be forgiven.  -Numbers 15: 27 -28


A bonfire gathering of our church group known by the moniker, “Empty Nesters” at Mission Bay last evening was going to be a great way to wind down from the work week. Since I had actually made it home in a reasonable hour,  my wife and I both decided to ride together – and the take Dexter and Comet along.  After all, what could go amiss?

Dana Landing is a little park with a few fire rings set up;  a few in this larger group have been coming here for years.  Chat among each other, toast some marshmallows for the kids or the kid-hearted adults, sing some worship songs, and enjoy some free time.  Once or twice before, when the larger group gathered,  one or two small dogs might accompany the people.


Last night,  when we were fumbling with dogs on leashes, gathering our folding chairs and water bottles, greeting a couple friends as we walked toward the water,  the dogs were a little exuberant.   My wife was trying to greet friends, so she handed both dogs to me; and in a moment,  I was trying to greet friends, so I handed both dogs to her.   And Dexter – always ready to greet people, particularly those we walk with on Saturday mornings, was bouncy.  Comet was more excited, even barking happily when he saw a Corgi, a black pug, and a bassett hound accompanying their people to the bonfire.

Unfortunately,  Comet, with my wife at the end of the leash, chose THAT moment of distraction (she greeted a friend) to PEE on a folding chair!!   (Why a chair, I don’t know – his  permitted peeing – is on weeds, dirt, fire hydrants, and the like.)   But Comet, never one to really be aware of where he pees, was unaware that the chair was occupied!!

The older woman was both mortified and played it off well.   A little pee on her pant leg.   My wife was mortified and profusely apologetic.   I was given charge of both dogs, and we wandered from palm tree to palm tree to empty bladders.   Adding insult to injury,  about five minutes later, one of the smaller dogs smelled Comet-pee — and deliberately  peed on the woman’s pants!    She gathered her things and left; “My pant leg is WET”!

I believe Comet did not make a good first impression.  We have it on my to-do list today to buy her a card and a gift certificate for church on Sunday.   Would a card with a dog on front be mischievous – or something I’ll rather not revisit?  Perhaps etiquette lessons for Comet would make amends.



  1. I’m trying to look as though I’m sorry you had to go through such a mortification, but I can’t do it. I’m truly laughing out loud. The Corgi was the kicker!


    We had the couple with the Corgi over for dinner last night. And the two wives decided a card was indeed needed. And yes, my wife had a sorry card with a sad-faced bassett on it. So…



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