I like to blame this on my epilepsy, but who knows?  I make coffee using the coffee cone/drip method.  I bought this little frame from Starbucks where you put the cone holder on top, put the filter in, fill with freshly ground coffee* and pour water through the grounds to the mug below.
I cannot tell you how many times I have set the cone thingie on the little frame, put the grounds in and poured the hot water into the cup that wasn’t there.  I have wasted more coffee and paper towels than I care to recall.
I figured I had this sussed. I got rid of the frame and just used the cone thing directly on the mug.  How could I mess that up?  For a while, this worked very well.  It was only recently that I hit the pinnacle of my coffee misadventures.
The hot water was ready and I poured it to the top of the cone. The coffee started to drip into the mug.  It smelled heavenly.  I did a couple of other things and was about to feed the cat.  Did I put the cat food in the cat food dish?  Noooo, I put it in the coffee grounds still dripping into my mug.  It’s obvious that I need coffee before I make my coffee.  The cat thinks so, too.
*Starbucks Sumatra, if you must know  😉

85 thoughts on “I Need Coffee Before I Make Coffee

  1. Oh my goodness – my husband did a very similar thing the other morning. First attempt at coffee, he forgot to put the jug on and so pour cold water on to the coffee grounds. On the next attempt, he accidentally filled the coffee grinder with cat biscuits instead of coffee beans. Glad we are not the only ones with these problems!

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    1. You are so sweet. I promise there are more embarrassing situations to come. Most of them haven’t happened, yet. However, I know they are out there, just waiting to become blog fodder. They are out there…lurking. 😉

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                  1. You are such a sweet thing to me. You have to know you are one of my favorite people on the blogosphere. My time is not my own these days but I do try to catch up a bit with everyone. I miss the times when I could read much more. What I love is that I can go to any of your posts whenever I want. That is a gift here in the blogosphere. Pretty cool I think. That and Google impregnating WP. I’m sure that’s how those damn Discover posts pop up all over the place. The freaking get on my nerves!

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  2. Wifey would agree with you! She tells me no talkie before coffee! Do you know how hard this is? I am a morning person. I have found the if I make her coffee and bring it to her, I talk sooner! Perfect!! 😜

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    1. She and I are so much alike! I used to have customers who would call in the morning and if it was a little early they would ask If I’d had my coffee yet. If I said no, they’d say: “Go get it now, I’ll hold!” I thought they were very nice to do that, but in truth, it was a survival tactic on their part! 😛

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        1. Michigan cherry coffee? Cherry, like cherry flavor? *shudders* Coffee, hopefully, originated from Sumatra. Add hot water. Done. Alternatively, add cold water and brew for 24 hours. Add ice. Done. One does not add things to coffee other than good water in either solid or liquid form. Yup, I’m going to have to write that coffee snob post. It’ll be cringe-worthy! 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉

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    1. Lily and Echo got fresh food and I got fresh coffee. Having those two on caffeine would be a bad idea. This morning Walter tipped over a mug of coffee and started to lick it up off the floor. You KNOW that Walter on caffeine is one of the worst things ever. I’m living in fear right now! 😉 kkkkk


  3. I can SO relate to this need. I start to function – that is, able to recognize that I have two different socks on, after my second cup of coffee. Of course, it was my blushing bride who ‘helped’ me realize that wearing matching socks is the intended goal before I leave the house in the morning. Cheers!

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  4. First coffee has to be instant. No way would I be coordinated enough for anything more complicated. Then I travel to work and have another when I get there. My colleagues know not to pester me until after or they experience much grumpiness. My wife seems oblivious to this and if she gets up with me will chatter away to me and fail to notice that I don’t respond and how I am trying to shrink into my seat! Yet when we see her friend Stephen in a morning she warns ME not to be too chatty until after he has had his coffee!
    I did seven years of night shifts in a cellophane film factory when I was a youngster (a not dissimilar process to your paper mill Linda). The night shifts left me with a hopeless caffeine addiction.

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    1. First, instant coffee is an invention of the devil. I admit I’m a bit of a, ok a more than a bit, of a coffee snob. Oh now you’ve inspired me to write a post about my coffee snobbishness. It will be insufferable. 😉

      As far as collegues suffering coffee-deprived grumpiness…see the reply I left above for Roda/Renata. Haha!

      Obviously, you must have a chat with Stephen and find out his secret to pre-coffee silence. Perhaps he could give you some tips…OR you could have him warn your wife that chaos will ensue unless she stops this madness!!!

      Raising a cup to you…Starbucks Sumatra homemade cold brew…black. Always black. ☕️

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  5. I thought we had brewed coffee every way possible that was wrong, but you beat our record! Penny Wilson Writes blog said you were worth a visit and she was right. I’m now following you. A person who can’t brew coffee perfectly every time has to be followed, right? I’m still chuckling and probably won’t stop until lunchtime.

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    1. Now I have to know more about your coffee misadventures! One of the commenters said her husband put cat biscuits in the coffee grinder. I thought that rated pretty darned high as a coffee mishap!


  6. Definitely relate to this one Linda! Here in Seattle, coffee is a religion and the only one in which I actively tithe on a daily basis. My hubby and I drink a minimum of two pots a day when we are home and he usually makes the first one saving me the embarrassment of screwing it up!

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  7. I bought a one cup coffee maker so I could have one cup before I go to work. But I sit and think, “Man, I’d love to have a cup of coffee.” and I just keep sitting there until it is time to get ready for work. Guess I need a coffee maker and a hose.

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