I am very excited and thankful that I have received a number of awards lately.  I love all of my nominators dearly.  Even though I can’t keep up with these awards, I didn’t want to ignore them, either.  I’ve decided to mention the award, the wonderful nominator and tell everyone exactly why they should visit their blogs.


I have received the following from superwifeandmommy

Sunshine Blogger 

Unique Blogger award 

The Versatile Blogger Award

Apparently, Maria likes me a bit. 😉  She is a great deal of fun and writes some fabulous poetry.  Some of it is thoughtful, some really funny and many of her posts are great for kids.  Not only is she a great blogger, but she is a truly wonderful person.  She often says something witty when she comments and you know she’s read every single word.  Please check out her blog here Life, Family, Good Food  I promise she’ll make you smile. I feel very lucky that hers was the first post in my Guest in Jest series.  Here’s the link:  Guest in Jest #1 superwifeandmummy


Nel has been kind enough to nominate me for the Growing Self Award   

Nel and I immediately hit it off.  She had nominated me for a couple of awards early on and she had conveniently bent the rules to suit herself. I, of course, could not let that go and had to give her a very hard time about it in all of my award answers as I totally flouted the rules myself in a rather snarky way.  If two wrongs don’t make a right, then Nel and I were very bad, indeed.  At least we were bonded in our badness and our friendship has never flagged.  Enjoy Nel’s blog Reactionary Tales  She has a very enlightening post every Thursday that focuses on endangered species and on Fridays she shares fun memes she’s found on Facebook that week.  On the other days, she posts about her everyday life which is quite out of the ordinary.


Sherron has kindly nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award  

I was a little intimidated when I found out that Sherron was following me.  Ok, I was a LOT intimidated because Sherron is a freelance proofreader and editor.  I knew that every time she read my posts she was thinking “no, that should be a semi-colon instead of a colon.”  Worse yet, I completely misuse ellipses and my overuse of question marks is legendary.  In spite of my flaws, Sherron has been gracious and witty.  You will not be disappointed if you visit her blog where she will discuss anything from Aspbergers to birthday month celebrations.  Check it out here Simply So


Stephanie was caffeinated (haha)  enough to nominate me for the Growing Self Blogger Award

Stephanie and I bonded over migraines and, though that might sound dire, we had such a good time comparing notes that we expanded our conversations to include our other shared interests.  We both have our medical issues but somehow Stephanie has a sense of humor that truly makes me laugh out loud.  She even taught me how to make my own cold brew…from Starbucks, of course!  This humor shines through on her blog. If you like to read, visit Stephanie’s blog at Stephanie’s Novel Fiction   Here you will find book reviews by the score.  The woman loves to read and she loves to share her love of books with her followers.  Be sure to take a peek.


Robin nominated me, probably because I tease her so, for the Growing Self Blogger Award

Now don’t go thinking that I tease Robin thoughtlessly.  I put a lot of thought into it!  She is ever so jazzed about each and every holiday that she has decorations for each!  For months, I’ve been giving her a very had time about decorating for the big holidays and neglecting Labor Day.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and her love of family and friends is amazing.  That love shines through on her blog where she talks about everyday occurrences that are often times funny as can be.  She does a daily post with a quote or funny saying.  Right now she is doing tongue twisters. Classic Robin!  Don’t miss the comments section on her posts as her comebacks can be every much as funny as her posts!  Check out her blog here The Robin’s Nest

Ask her to show you her Labor Day decorations…I dare ya!


Cherylene was so sweet to nominate me for the Blogger Recognition Award

I’m only starting to get to know Cherylene, but I am quite taken with her blog living vs existing  She does Music Reflection Mondays and What’s up Wednesdays.  Those are a lot of fun, but really strikes me is the thought that she puts into the rest of her posts. They are uplifting and hopeful and talk about the issues in life that plague us all.  I feel very fortunate that I met Cherylene and I look forward to a great friendship


Johanna surprisingly nominated for the Tell the Darkness To Get Lost Award  If she knew me better she’d know just how closely I clutch the darkness to my heart.  Ok, not really, but didn’t it sound dramatic!?

Johanna is a gem.  She is always making me laugh no matter how dire the circumstances.  She lives in Texas and is right in the thick of the aftermath of Harvey.  Yet still, she wrote a funny post that also sends a powerful message. All Donations are NOT All Created Equal Her blog is full of humor and mirth and you should really check it out.  If you could send her some kind and “dry” thoughts, that would be awesome! Momentum of Jo


Emma took a chance on nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award

You might wonder why I say that way but soon you’ll understand that Emma is brave on many fronts.  Emma dubbed this her Year of  Vulnerability.  I am in awe of her courage as she takes personal risks like asking a guy out or telling embarrassing stories about herself.  One of the funniest stories she’s told was graciously submitted for my Guest in Jest series.  Take a look here and enjoy one of the funniest posts I have ever read Guest in Jest yearofvulnerabilty Be sure to visit Emma’s blog to laugh and to cheer her on as she continues her yearofvulnerability


Minion image from Cluny91 on DeviantArt

Gracias Image from Guth Gafa


25 thoughts on “Awards Received by Wonderful People ❤️

  1. You forgot the one award that you can not not accepted. The love of your readers. Linda you have been awarded the Big Heart Award with every smile, chuckle, like and comment your wonderful stories have given and have been given. You my dear are one of a kind, thank you for sharing!🐉🐉🐉❤️❤️❤️🐉🐉🐉

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      1. Aw, thanks, my sweet. I always feel bad that I can’t keep up with all of the awards and tags. I love the idea of sharing new blogs with people, but all of the questions get repetitive after a while, so I came up with this! I’m so glad you approve. I always wonder if people will think this is cheating! ❤️

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    1. I accept! You are so sweet to say these wonderful things. You know that I think the world of you, too. I have a post I’m about to publish that I think you might get a kick out of. I know
      you like it when I revisit my ancient history. 😉 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉

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  2. Awwwwww! You are the LOVELIEST person around! This is not cheating,Linda. You’ve honoured and touched us all- and that’s what counts.
    I love everything you said about everyone, and those who I know – you’re spot on! I felt the same about Sherron! But she’s so sweet and clever 😊
    Did I really nominate you for all those? ? Good grief ! I’ll take it easy from now on 😂
    Thank you for saying such beautiful things about me. I’m really touched and honored . Guest in Jest was a huge deal for me as it was the first poem I “let out” around here and I’m so proud to have been the first guest. Really. You showed me off and people seemed to like me and popped into my bloggy so thank you! 😂
    OK, off to toddlerise and do a bit of mummyolgy
    X lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    And… 🌲🌲🌲❄❄❄❄❄❄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄ hahahaha!

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    1. I meant every word, my dear. I’m so happy that Guest in Jest was a springboard to your poetry blogging adventures. That’s great!! As for all of those christmas trees, snowflakes and snowmen…humph! 😉 ❤️💕❤️💕❤️


  3. Aww, you know how much I love you! ❤ And I say that without the benefit of caffeine today, lol. But truly, I adore you and think the world of you! You are the loveliest person in the world ❤ Thank you for all the sweet things you said about me! I'm glad we had some medical maladies to bond over that developed into friendship ❤

    And I think you have hit on something with the awards here!! Brilliant! I may borrow it since I have 13 awards that I have been trying to find time to do since July and just haven't AND they keep coming lol. I'm humbled and grateful for them, but I'm not sure when to squeeze in the time when I'm so behind or when I have done some of them 3 or 4x plus already. Teaching 164 students and taking four full-time classes every day doesn't leave room for much else, especially when being mom and wife comes first or when I'm being slowed down by a fibromyalgia flare-up. Doing book reviews takes ages lol.

    I hope you are having a caffeinated day! I desperately need coffee….my Cold Brew is still brewing 😦 Guess I will go have some tea. Or something. I need something since I'm starting to babble or ramble. Bamble, maybe? Whatever….<3 ❤

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    1. You know I love you, too! How on earth are you surviving without caffeine? I know your cold brew is still cold brewing, but how about a nice hot cup of coffee to tide you over? This is serious stuff! You can’t be caffeine-less, that’s just criminal…and unacceptable!

      I hope doing awards this way will be of help to you, too. They can be overwhelming. If it was a single question and nomination or two, I could probably handle that, but some of these have oodles of questions I think the most important part of awards is spreading the word about other bloggers, so rather than talk about myself, it made sense to talk about you all! 😉

      My caffeine level has been pretty good today. I’ve had a big cold brew and Bill made tea for me earlier, so it’s all good. I hope you have figured out a solution to your deficit. Sending love ❤️ and remember, we always have Starbucks*

      *except when you forget to make your cold brew on time! tsk tsk! Hahahaha

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      1. I finally had several cups of hot tea yesterday, and I’ve had my cold brew today and some tea! I know it was insane to not be caffeinated, especially the weekend I was having. And I paid for it today when I woke up with a killer migraine that left me in the bed with an ice pack and total darkness for several hours.

        Yesterday was a crazy day though! Hubby broke a tooth on Friday and had to have it pulled, which was fun since he hates the dentist. Then they put him on heavy duty pain killers that made him sick as a dog, dizzy, and sleepy all weekend and antibiotics to keep from getting an infection since he cracked it down to the root. So it could have been either the amoxicillin or Lortab making him nauseated or both, which I think it was. He was like trying to take care of an overgrown infant with the flu since Friday, so I was discombobulated hahaha! Thank God he is just taking Advil now…I took the Lortab away when he started acting weird and made him take 800 mg of Advil with some Tylenol. All I need is a crazy man on my hands, well, crazier than his normal but loveable self. I needed something stronger than tea last night I’m telling you LOL.

        Anyway, glad you were running on caffeine!

        I do appreciate the shout out again ❤ I agree awards can be overwhelming at times although I really love getting them <3. Like I said, I have 13 to do, and it takes me forever to do them for some reason. If I hadn't taken 2 hiatuses, I wouldn't be behind on them.

        But I spent 5 hours doing my last award because it had so many questions! But it takes me the longest time to find people to nominate. I think I will definitely use your solution for some of my awards that will be the 6th time I have received that particular one. Two award I have never gotten, and I plan to do those since 1) I have already started them in a draft 2) they don't have that many questions, lol!!

        With trying to balance my blog with work, school, and home, I have to decide what to post the 1-2x a week that I can find the time to post and since I review advanced book review copies, I have to get those out as my priority. It is a balancing act! I will be so glad when school is over, and I have my degree in hand!!

        Sending love to you too!! I hope you, Bill, the dogs, and cats are having a great Labor Day! I need to go supervise the burgers that my oldest is grilling since hubby is still acting like he went through childbirth, lol. Men. He needs to get a migraine and have fibro at the same time. THEN he will know real pain-and live with it daily. But I love him ❤ And I'm going to go grab more cold brew…Starbucks! 🙂

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        1. OMD, as a friend of mine likes to say to me. Oh My Dog! What a crazy weekend, and not a good one, either! I am so sorry to hear about your husband, but even more unhappy to hear that you had to deal with all of that with a horrible migraine! Yuck! And to have no caffeine in the middle of that! Unacceptable! OMD!!!

          I don’t know how you do all that you do with all that you have to deal with! Did that make sense? I truly am in awe of you. I don’t know that I could do it. I’m lucky if I can get out of bed, feed the dogs and pretend to be a human being till I have coffee. After coffee, I’m a little better at pretending. Since this epilepsy thing hit, my motivation levels have dropped off precipitously. There are so many things I can’t do anymore, but at least I can write.

          Oh! I have to tell you a horrific thing that happened to me yesterday. I had just finished the “brew cycle” on my cold brew, picked up the jar and it slipped out of my hands. Coffee grounds everywhere! Worse of all, most of my cold brew was everywhere, too! I’m still a little panicky, but a new batch will be ready tomorrow. Yikes!

          Have a good rest of your weekend and I hope you husband is feeling better. I had a really bad tooth once and the only thing that took the pain away was ice water, constantly bathing it in ice water. Hey, if he tries that at least he won’t be able to complain as much! Hand him a straw! 😉 Starbucks forever!

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          1. Hey, sorry for the delayed answer! It took until today for that migraine to finally go away, and that took a neurology appointment and a nice Toradol injection. I’m pain free now though. He says my migraines increasing are because I’m sleeping 3 hrs or less a night, which I didn’t need to pay him to tell me that! And because I’m under too much stress. Again, I could have TOLD HIM that, lol.

            So, I guess I’m not dealing with all that I have to do as well as I thought hahaha! But thank you! I’m not sure you should be in awe of me since I’m apparently burning what little candle I have at both ends to get it done. And failing. Well, I’m getting the job done as for as my paying job and classes are concerned but with a price. There is always a price! But I’m also caffeinated today, so that is a plus! A stop by Starbucks on the way home for a Venti took care of me for quite a while! 🙂

            That is a horrific story about your cold brew!! I cringed when I thought of the mess of grounds and coffee! And the loss of all that yummy brew…sounds like I’m talking about moonshine doesn’t it?? If you want to talk about that, my great-great granddaddy and great-granddaddy were known for their moonshine stills back in the TN mountains back in the day! Or hooch as we call it down here although I have no idea why!! All I know is I tried it once with a cousin who is bad, bad influence (there may or may not be family members that were still brewing years ago), and I thought I was drinking gasoline! It will put hair on your chest and cure whatever is wrong with you, my goodness!! I will stick with my Starbucks! I hope your new batch made it alive 🙂

            I’m usually good in the morning without my coffee as long as I have had a couple of hours sleep. I don’t usually have my 1st cup of tea or coffee until I have feed the dogs and the kids..well, Kayley, the boys can feed themselves!! I like to be able to sit down with it and not budge for a while, lol.

            But pretending was a good word you used about being human. I’m motivated, but wow, until I read what you wrote I didn’t realize how much of my day I spend pretending that I’m ok. Pretending that I’m in less pain than I really am when there are days that I hurt so, so badly that I would do anything to make the pain go away. Pretending that I can do something that I really need help with. Pretending that I’m stronger than I am when I need/want to lean on someone but am too stubborn or afraid to show it. Pretending that I’m the same person I was before I was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses because I don’t want to be defined by them even though they have changed me and do define me to an extent. I can’t teach in a classroom anymore because I’m too fatigued, have dizzy spells, and in too much pain with my fibro and migraines-some days I can’t get up from my bed (on the couch) and have to do it all there. Pretending is all I do some days.

            But at least I can write too when writer’s block doesn’t hit me that is! I’ve got book reviews out the you know what and can’t find the words. And I can lecture my class even if it is online! I know my literature backwards and forwards..for now, lol. I’ll take what I can get. But next semester, I can’t teach 3 classes. It’s 1 class too many. Health first! I know this even when I don’t follow it, but I have to or I will suffer even more.

            Good news! Hubby’s mouth is healing where they pulled the tooth, so he isn’t being such a baby anymore. Drinking cold water did help, thanks!

            Well, it’s back to reading things for school..ugh..hope you are well!! 🙂 ❤

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            1. Aren’t neurologists fun? I tell you, they are all fun! My neuro wants me to go to a headache program…in Boston. My psychiatrist wants me to get into a sleep program…in Boston. I figure it’s enough to spend 10 hours in the car to spend a half hour each with them. I know I live in the sticks, but if I have to do all of that, I might as well move down there. Talk about depressing! City life is not for me.

              I know you already know this 😉 but you might want to look into a bit of help just till you get over the craziness of this 3 class, plus your own schooling, plus family, plus…oh and not to mention all of the pain and bother of the medical issues. It’s ok to have help. Get someone to do your housework and look after your little girl every once in a while. Just enough so you can have a bit of a break and get through this really tough time. Can your husband or boys help more? Think of the things you can give up or lessen that might give you a bit of a break. Hear me well here: You will be no good to anyone if you go over the edge! Take that from someone with a bit of experience. There is no more helpless feeling than to know what our loved ones need and not be able to do them because of over-extension.

              Yes, pretending is necessary sometimes. Bill is constantly asking me how I am feeling. He sees me stare a bit or stop talking and he’s right there worried I’m seizing. I often am, but when he asks I say I’m fine. He’s learned that I often make things sound like they are better than they are and he’ll ask me again looking straight into my eyes. My ability to gloss over things is apparently weaker than I thought when put to the test.

              Oh, how I wish I could go to school or teach or both. Once upon a time, I had a pretty good brain. Now it’s just so much mush. I have my good days when I can write and my bad days when I can do nothing that needs even the tiniest bit of cognitive ability. Do you realize that between the two of us we make a whole human being? One with a lot of migraines, but still! I guess that’s really not funny, but for some reason it made me smile.

              I had to laugh about your moonshine experience. It reminded me of one of the most interesting evenings of my life and I think I’m going to have to write a post about it. Yup, it involved moonshine. Thanks for jogging my memory!

              *raises a cup of cold brew* Here’s to successful pretending!

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              1. Haha! I can’t wait to read the moonshine post! I’m sure it will be a riot, and I’m glad I triggered a memory 🙂 Not our typical brew, but it’s something lol. Sure isn’t Starbucks though, and yes, I’m well caffeinated today!!

                Bill sounds like my husband; he always knows when I’m not fine even though I say that I am, whether it’s an I’m in pain…not fine or I’m mad as fire… not fine. My middle son has learned that too but not his brother, lol. I guess it just depends on what you’re paying attention to and ability to read people.

                That is a super long drive for a headache program and sleep program! Wow! Are you going to get hooked up to all the funny looking machines for a sleep study? Hubby had one because he snores like a freaking freight train, and they thought he had sleep apnea, which he didn’t. He sent me picture, and he looked funny in a scary way! I don’t blame you for not wanting to live in the city. I miss my small hometown, but I’m happy to live in an urban town close enough to big cities with excellent hospitals in case I do need them.Otherwise, I would have to drive hours…they would actually send me to Raleigh, which is funny! I have family in TN who have been sent over here for cancer treatments, etc at Duke Hospital or UNC Hospital, and I think how ironic that is that this is where I ended up living!

                The funny thing is that I actually love my neurologist, no joke! He is a headache specialist, but he treats the whole body since he says that headaches can be caused by anything in our environment or caused by things wrong with other parts of our body. He is an absolutely fantastic, marvelous doctor…well, every grand adjective you can think of is applicable here! And he is a gem of a human being too! I say with 100% certainty that he saved my life. I was at the lowest low in my life when I found him. When I first saw him, I had been having daily migraines and tension headaches for over 2 ½ years, which I think I told you about before when we first bonded over our migraine messes. I was in so much pain from the daily headaches, nausea, dizziness, often passing out, that I was ready to take a literal hammer to my head. My vision would suddenly go and I would have hours not being able to see anything but fuzziness.
                Worse though, I could do barely do anything for or with Eric and the boys (Kayley wasn’t born yet) those 2 ½ yrs, and that was hard since the boys were young, 9 and 7..around the age that Kayley is now, so they have really grown up since around that age having to get used to me being physically limited by chronic pain and unable to do things that their friend’s moms can do or at least not be able to do it consistently, which always makes me sad for them but more for Kayley since it has been that way for most of her life with my fibro, and chronic back and sciatica pain. So I have been in that place where I can’t do anything for my family, and it definitely is a hard place to be in. You feel helpless and very, very guilty. And mad at times too!! It wasn’t because I was overextended that I couldn’t do for my family but crippled by pain, which is hard to understand at times and adjust to.

                But I love that when I finally found my neuro he treated me like a person instead of trying to rush me out of the door in 15-20 minutes and just toss more prescriptions at me! I love that he takes the time for conversation and wants to know what is going on in my day to day life and with my hubby and kids and is not just interested in how I’m medically doing. He saved me when I thought there was no hope or cure for my headaches by looking for the root causes since he found out the myriad physical and environmental things causing my headaches! I owe him the world! God help me if he ever retires.

                Oh yes, I know to ask for help, and I do! We already have someone coming in biweekly to clean, and she has been since 2006 when I herniated the first of my three herniated discs in my lower back and have been on a 15 lb lifting restriction ever since then. Both boys have their chores every day, take turns every night with the dishes, and we are really clean or my OCD goes into overdrive LOL Even Kayley has chores now since I told her that if she was old enough to use a tablet and pc she can clean!!

                Eric cooks most nights, we order take-out a couple times a week or if I cook, it is to throw pasta in a pot with sauce or heat something that is frozen! I used to cook everything from scratch, big, elaborate dinners but those are bygone days because of time and pain except at the holidays. Even then, I get lots of help as long as I ask! Kayley is in school all day (but there isn’t much a 7 year old can do anyway). But since she is back in school all day, I don’t really need anyone to watch her. By the time she gets home from school, Eric is getting home from work or one or both boys are usually home, and he is off on the weekends if I need time. I guess I don’t know how much else they can help around the house…LOL. And they all will help when I ask them too. I just need to make sure to ASK when I need the help even on good days since doing too much backfires in my face.

                BUT, you are right that I need help! And since it’s not so much around the house although I might see about having our cleaner come in weekly just so I’m NOT tempted to mop or scrub a bathtub. She’s been coming 11 yrs, so I’m sure she would do it! I have asked to meet with my English Dept head on Tuesday morning before I go in for office hours. I’ve had an idea that might just help me since I’m only overwhelmed because of teaching and school. I’m close friends with an old professor from when I was getting my Master’s degree, she is a mentor you could say, and she and I have talked in depth of what is going on. She has several students applying this semester to be graduate teaching assistants and although online classes generally don’t have a teaching assistant, she thinks that this one particular student would be a perfect fit as an assistant for me. Apparently, the girl reminds her of me 16 years ago, lol. She is very shy and afraid of getting in front of a classroom, but she is passionate about literature, intelligent, and wants to teach so badly! My mentor thinks that I can teach her all that I know about teaching while she helps grade my papers and essays, answer some student emails..or at least read them and sort the important from not important, put together my lecture materials on the course website, etc. She is apparently “tech” savvy too, so that is a plus 🙂

                The grad assistant would be company several days a week, conversation, and my “teaching” her would be simple, and she really wants to do it! I’ve had 12 grad assistants over the years, and I love it! This will be totally different, but the grading assignments and answering up to 200 emails a day, most of them redundant questions about assignments, would be a huge load off of me. My mentor is going to call my Dept head and put in a word since this is sort of atypical, but she has enormous clout, and I have pull after 16 years, so I think it will work. If not, I’m going to tell her that I need an adjunct professor to take over one of my classes or I’m taking my 12 weeks of FMLA for the rest of the semester. That will finish the semester, and she will have no teacher for 3 classes, and she won’t do that since she won’t have anyone who can teach my Contemporary Lit class. And she can’t terminate me for or while on FMLA. Plus, I’m tenured so she would have a very hard time getting rid of me. I’ve worked.

                Wish me luck! I’m pretty sure she will ok it. I will even take a pay cut for the grad assistant!

                Ah, you would have been a great teacher…and still are! Life lessons and caring about people count more than some things that are taught in a classroom. You can be my grad assistant 🙂 I think you are right that together we make one perfect person! ❤ It made me smile too!

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                1. I’ve had two sleep studies so far, they were looking for sleep apnea, which they found. But while they were looking, they noticed my brainwaves were abnormal, so off I went for an EEG and that’s when they found I had epilepsy. Believe me, the wires they hook up for a sleep study is nothing compared to what they do when you go for a week-long EEG. 27 electrodes on the head, plus heart monitors, an oximeter, and 24/7 video monitoring. I looked pretty damned stunning when I was all wired up! It’s hard to be in bed for a week and not being able to leave unless a nurse is with you. But they induced a grand mal and they got the info they needed. I’ve had two of those week-long things and they’d best not ask me to do another! The last one was in Boston so I was there alone for the week. Blah!

                  It must be so hard with all you have going on to take care of kids and teach! I know how guilty I felt when I could do nothing (too many meds) and I still feel guilty that I’m not up to what I used to be. It’s not like we asked for this, but still, the guilt is there.

                  The gal who comes to clean for us every week (Wendy) has been coming for seven years. i don’t know what I would do without her. She couldn’t come this week and I was sweeping the floors last night because Walter (of course) dumped a few plants and there was potting soil everywhere! I had to sweep! Oh, the humanity!

                  I love the idea of an assistant for you! It sounds like the right one is falling right into your lap! Fingers crossed it will all work out!

                  As for me being a teacher, I was in a way. I worked for one the biggest paper companies in the world. I was an operations planner and my job was to create the schedules for the machines and work as a liaison between sales and the manufacturing side. I liked training people, so I would volunteer. Eventually, it became part of my job. It would be fun to be your grad assistant! Though I’ve never been a grad of any type. That’s a long story, too! Haha!

                  Oh, you will be proud of me! I have a jar and a half of cold brew made. I’m not running out like I did before. Nor am I going to be coffeeless if I drop the damn thing again! Starbucks forever! 😉 ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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                  1. I hope you don’t have to undergo that kind of sleep study again! Sounds awful and not at all flattering…And how would you get your Starbucks???

                    I’m lucky that the boys are old now since if they can’t take care of themselves by 17 and 19 then I’m screwed and so are their future wives, lol. I’ve always taught them to be as independent as they could be..as in doing what they could when they could, so they would learn how, so that’s been helped. God save me from lazy kids.

                    They have friends who have no idea what a dishwasher, lawn mower, vacuum, washer and dryer, or stove is! Both my kids can use all, and even Kayley can unload the dishwasher of unbreakables, fold laundry, dust, make toast, a PB&J, and mostly make a cake by herself as long as someone does the egg and the oven. I’ve been teaching 16 years with both boys, so they are used to my job, and wow, it is a great job to have with kids since you have the same holidays and summers off, but combined with school and chronic pain, it does add to it.

                    I’m definitely glad that I’m not trying to do it with 3 little kids and all this. There being in school all day is a saving grace, so I can get teaching and class work done LOL. I think that even if I get a grad asst this semester, not if when since I’m being positive…and I’m glad you loved my idea that next semester I’m only going to teach 1 class. It will be crunch time with my thesis due in April and 300 words in writing a book, lol. I don’t have time for that.

                    None of my classmates work at all! Only a handful have kids and they are all 20something. Ugh. Oh well. I can say that I’m the only one with experience and I already know most of the material since I’ve been teaching almost 2 decades, so jokes on them 😛 But I have a 4.0 and am on the Deans List, the honor society, blah, blah, blah, and I want to graduate at 41 with all that. I want to be the old lady with the brains on graduation, lol. I can’t do that and babysit 160-180 students……OMD as you said.

                    But oh yeah, it is a guilty feeling like you said not being able to do things. And some things I can’t do because of pain, but some from meds at time. The Lyrica they put me on that “supposedly” helps fibro pain but so far has only caused me to gain 15 lbs makes me dizzy and tired. I think when I go back to the rheumatologist I’m going to see about changing it. Prescriptions suck-they either help but cause side effects that make yo sicker or don’t help and cause side effects that make you sicker!

                    It sounds like you had a very interesting job! Paper. I love paper since books are printed on it 🙂 My daughter used to eat it when she was crawling and we thought she was a dang termite, lol.

                    Still think you would be a great grad asst even if you’ve never been a grad, and that sounds like a post to me! We could eat stuff..I don’t know what and drink Starbucks Cold brew all day! Cheers!

                    I feel the way you feel about Wendy about Alicia, who has been cleaning for us for years. She is actually a close friend and her son has been my younger son’s BFF since they were 4…they met playing soccer and that is how we met! They rest is history! I talked to her today, and she is going to come 1x a week even if she just needs to do light dusting, mopping, etc and not a “clean” clean like she does the other weeks. It will be a big help though. 🙂

                    Glad you have so much cold brew! I’ve got one brewing on the counter right now, and it will be ready tomorrow morning.

                    We’re going to get rain and some wind from Hurricane Irma tomorrow afternoon and into Tuesday, but thankfully it will mostly be to the west of us since we were originally right in the path of the storm! Still, they are calling for flooding Mon night into Tues and cooler weather (well 60s lol). I might have to switch my cold brew those days for hot coffee! Keep us in your thoughts that we don’t get deluged or lose power! Hubby says it won’t be bad, but you never know. I’ll be drinking Starbucks through it ❤ ❤ 😉

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Those two week-long things were actually EEGs but I had a couple of sleep studies on top of that. Haha, you would think a week in bed would deprive me of Starbucks, wouldn’t you. Au contraire! I brought freshly ground Sumatran with me. I had a Melitta cone that allowed me to put a filter and grounds in. All I had to do was ask a nurse for two cups of boiling water! I poured the water over the grounds into a Starbucks tumbler and I was good to go! The nurses hadn’t seen the Melitta thing before so I left it there for them. I still use that method, only I use a Starbucks porcelain filter cone. Man, I should own stock in them. I seriously should look into that!

                      OMD for sure when thinking about herding 160-180 students. Yikes!!! You WILL get a grad asst. Absolutely, I’ve decided it must be so!

                      You are so right about medications. I was on Depakote for six months. I gained 25 pounds and felt awful AND my seizures got worse! Blah

                      Yeah, it was an interesting job. I was either scheduling it or selling it. That’s how I got the nickname mainepaperpusher. I lived in Maine and, at the time, I was selling the stuff.

                      Ok, I’m going to be your virtual grad asst and we will have cold brew together and you can tell me what you’re doing to those poor kids. Actually, I could stand to learn a bit about contemporary lit. I used to devour books, but since my brain went all seizurey I’ve not read much at all. It sucks! But I’m rewiring a bit because some of my cognitive stuff is coming back some. Math is gone, but I can write and I couldn’t have done that a couple of years ago.

                      I am so glad you are having Alicia come once a week. That will take a load off your mind. We met Wendy through her daughter Melinda. Melinda was one of the vet techs we knew and her mother was getting a divorce and she was in a terrible state and she needed a job. Wendy came to meet us and our year-old Dane Levi went over to her and sniffed her behind her ear. Levi weighed about 160 then and he was pretty scary-looking to a stranger. She sat there perfectly still and he looked at me as though to say…yeah, she’ll do. She is now his Auntie and loves him as much as she loves her own dogs. When Levi was at death’s door a couple of weeks ago, Wendy came over at midnight because I promised I would call her if I thought we were going to lose him. She came right over, we got the on-call vet on the phone and Wendy drove us to the vet. Bill was on pain meds and I can’t drive, so she took right over and made sure everything was ok. Like I said, I don’t know what I would do without her.

                      You said you may be getting some effects from Irma and I realized that I don’t know exactly where you are. You’ve probably told me and my brain chose to lose that info. My memory is shot. Wherever you are, you know I send positive wishes and extra hugs. ❤️ 🤗 ❤️ 🤗 ❤️


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